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Year End Process is to process leave-related activities that need settlement by end of year such as lapsed, encashed, and balances. Complete the following acitivities before you process leave for the year:

The carry over of leave to the next year and the permissible carry over days are based on Leave Policy.

  1. In the Leave Year End Processing page, click The Year End Process button..

    To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Leave > Year End Process.

  2. In the Year End Process page, select the year , select leave scheme and leave types as follows:

    Now, you can select the year before performing the leave year end process manually. An option is provided to select any of the previous two years for manually performing the leave year end process. The option to select the year is provided from the first date of the start month of the leave year.

    For example, if the start month of the leave year is January and the leave current year is 2017, then the option to run the leave year end process for 2017 will be available from January 1st. 2018.

    If the required leave scheme is not available, verify in System Settings if the scheme is disabled.

  3. Click the value under Pending Leaves to display leave details as follows:

  4. Select the leave type to process.

    To select, Admin or Manager needs to first process pending leaves and bring Pending Leaves count to 0.

  5. Click The Process button..
  6. The Leave Year End Processing page displays along with a success message.
    Year end processing success message.
  7. In the Leave Year End Processing page, view details of the processed leave.
    The Batch Id's are displayed with the batch date and time when the manual leave year end process was executed. A batch refers to all employees in a particular Leave Scheme for a particular Leave Type for whom leave year end process is executed.

    Click + to view the employee leave details.

You can view the video on how to perform the leave year end process from the below links:

Year End Process

Leave Granter

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