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Release Version: 5.4-02 Apr

Updates made as on 13th. April, 2018

List of enhancements this week: 

What's New

Option to Update Retirement Age

greytHR now allows you to specify the retirement age limit of employees, so that retirement date is auto updated by the system. This enhancement is useful as the retirement date serves the criteria for stopping the IT projection for employees retiring in the month of payroll processing. Click here to know more.

Employee Reference Number Included in Excel Importers as well as Query Builder

A new field Employee Reference Number is provided in the Add Employee as well as Basic Information importers. You can also generate custom reports in the Query Builder with this field.This field acts as a reference field to the employee/reference number maintained in third party applications like QuickBooks and SAP, thus facilitating the integration of greytHR with third party applications.

Option to Add Remarks and Notes in Salary Revision Page as well as Excel Importers

As an admin, you can now add remarks and notes in the salary revision page of greytHR. The remarks will be visible in the Salary Revision History page of the ESS portal whereas the notes are confidential to the Admin. The same can be added from the Excel Importer Add/Revise Salary.This feature helps the Admin to enter remarks about the employee's salary revision which are visible to the employee in his/her ESS login as well as confidential notes that are only visible to the Admin. Click here to know more.

Option to Generate Attendance Muster Report Employee Wise

You can now generate the Attendance Muster report employee wise. This option helps you to print the report in Portrait mode, without duplication of employee details.

Option to Map Perquisite Component to Form 12 BA from Form 16

In the Form 16 page, Admin can now view the perquisite components that are not mapped to Form 12 BA and click on the same to map them. In the Form 16 page, Admin can also view the number of employees who have not updated their PAN number and click on the same to take the necessary action. Click here to know more.


  • In the POI Track page, there is an option to export an Excel sheet with the names of employees who have or have not submitted their POI. There was an issue in the format of the Excel that was exported. This issue is fixed.
  • If the manual Sign-in option in System Settings > Attendance > Setup Guide was checked, there was an issue with the employee submitting attendance from the mobile app. This issue is resolved.

greytHR Support

We’re always there to support you, so feel free to reach out to our support team for immediate assistance:

Phone: +91-80-4022 5900

Timings: 9:30 am - 6:30 pm | Monday to Friday

 For greytHR Self-Help and Support:

You can also submit your query through our Contact page.


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