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Release Version: 5.3.7

Updates made as on 22nd. December, 2017

List of enhancements this week: 

What's New

Holiday List Setup Revamped

greytHR enables you to setup your holiday list in an easy to use AG grid. Now, you can add a holiday, for multiple locations in the grid, which is considered as one entry. You can also add multiple holidays for multiple locations, and save them at once. Option to delete multiple holiday entries is also provided. Navigate to Leave > Setup > Holiday List to view and edit the Holidays declared for the year.

Figure 1 - Holiday List Setup

IT Projection No Longer Displayed For Resigned Employees

Once there is an update in the tentative leaving date, retirement date or leaving date, you can recalculate the IT projection, as the projection must not be displayed after the leaving date.

For example, the figure below shows the IT projection of employee with Employee ID 5029, before the employee resigned from the organization. Note that the IT projection is displayed, until the end of the financial year.

Figure 2 - IT Projection Before Resignation of Employee

The employee now resigns, and her leaving date is updated as Jan 1st. 2018. Now, you can go to Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Income Tax, select employee 5029, and recalculate the income tax.

Figure 3 - IT Projection Recalculated After Employee Resignation

Option to View Zero Differences in the Payroll Differences Statement

greytHR now provides an option, to view and download payroll differences statement with zero differences in the selected months.

  1. Go to Payroll > Verify > Payroll Differences.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Select the months to view the payroll differences.
  4. Check Include Zero Differences and click Process. Now, you can view the payroll differences statement with zero differences.
    Figure 4 - Option To Include Zero Payroll Difference in Payroll Differences Statement

  5. In the Report drop down, select and click on the report name to download the report. The Excel report is downloaded with zero payroll differences.
    Figure 5 - Payroll Differences Statement With Zero Payroll Differences

Shift Roster is Updated for the Next Year To Enable Employees to Avail Leave in the Next Year

greytHR now updates the shift roster, for the next year depending on the setting key, Number of days before which next year leave can be applied. If this value is 45 days, the shift roster is updated 45 days, before the next year. So, employees can apply for leave 45 days, before the next year. If this value is not updated, greytHR updates the shift roster, for the next year 30 days in advance.

To manually change the setting:

  1. Go to System Settings > Leave > Leave Options.
  2. Change the value of Number of days before which next year leave can be applied.
  3. Click Save.

The shift roster update is applicable only if Leave Days Calculator (leave option settings) is selected as Attendance Calculator.

Batch Date and Time Displayed in Manual Leave Year End Process

greytHR now displays the date and time, when the manual leave year end process was executed for a particular batch. A batch refers to all employees in a particular Leave Scheme, for a particular Leave Type, for whom the leave year end process is executed.

  1. Go to Leave > Admin > Year End Process.
  2. Click Manual Process. The Batch Id's are displayed with the batch date and time, when the manual leave year end process was executed.

Figure 6 - Manual Leave Year End Process With Batch Date and Time

Lock Year Settings Introduced For Locking Leave Transactions

Now, you can lock a year for freezing the leave transactions. This is a very useful feature, which can be executed during the leave year end process, and is currently available, only to the super admin users of the greytHR application. Once a year is locked, no user can perform any leave transactions (granting, applying/availing, encashing, deducting etc.), for the year. 

  1. Go to System Settings > Leave > Leave Options.
  2. Click the Lock Year Settings tab.
  3. Click Lock to lock leave transactions, for a particular year, and click Unlock to unlock leave transactions for the year.

Option to View Reviewer Remarks in the Batch Wise Claim Details Report

Now, you can view remarks of all the reviewers in the Batch Wise Claim Details Report.

  1. Go to Reports > Reports > Reports Gallery.
  2. Search and click the Batch Wise Claim Details Report.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Check the box Show Reviewer Remarks.
  5. Click Save.

Figure 7 - Batch wise Claim Details Report with Option to Show Reviewer Remarks


  • Form V - Muster Roll - Haryana Minimum Wage Rules
  • Form XI - Wage Slip - Delhi Minimum Wage Rules


  • If a few employees, were excluded from payroll processing in the current payroll month, payslip release notification mails were sent by the system to the excluded employees. This issue is corrected.
  • In the manual leave year end process, you can filter multiple employees from multiple batches, for deleting them from the grid. The system was deleting all the employees, instead of only the filtered employees in the grid. This issue is corrected.

greytHR Support

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Timings: 9:30 am - 6:30 pm | Monday to Friday


You can also submit your query through our Contact page.

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