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Salary Setup

You can now configure salary with ease from within greytHR. You can set up based on CTC or non-CTC. For CTC-based salary, you have a choice of doing as Annual or Monthly. To set up salary, go to Payroll > Setup > Salary Setup. The Salary Setup wizard guides you in selecting your Income and Deduction Items through easy drag-and-drop.

The Resettlement page

In this  page, Admin processes errors made during Final Settlement. This page displays list of employees for whom Final Settlement is done, which details are non-editable. You can access this page from Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Resettlement.
The Resettlemet details of selected employee.

Note that the resettlement can be any month after the final settlement and that the actual resettlement is done from the Salary page.

The Clean Up Payroll page

In the Clean Up Payroll page, you can clean up certain discrepancies and errors that creep in to Payroll such as disbursement of salary to a resigned employee. This error may happen because employee resignation happened after Payroll processing for the month. You can open the Clean Up Payroll page from Actions > Payroll. The three types of Payroll exceptions and associated clean up behavior are:

Employee resignationPost resignation, Payroll cannot be processed for the employee. The same holds true once you run clean up but the employee name no longer reflects in incorrect Payroll month and employee cannot receive Payslip.
 Stop payment is effectedWhen stop pay is effected on an employee, Payroll processing is possible only for future month and not month of stop pay before and after clean up.
Employee excluded from PayrollPayroll processing cannot take place for employee before and after clean up.

The Clean Up Payroll page.

Note that the list of exceptions displays in Payroll Overview.

The Payroll Release page

The Payroll Release page is to lock/release the Payroll and publish/unpublish the Payslip to selected employee or employee category. This feature is useful when you have to release Payroll in cycles or batches. In the Payroll Release page, select the required employee(s) to perform the action. You can access this page from Payroll > Admin > Payroll Release.

Payroll lock/unlock is based on a combination of status and user action. Payroll Overview is to process Payroll for all employees.

Income Tax Changes for the Financial Year 2014-2015

You can view the tax slab for the Financial Year 2014-2015 in System Settings > Income Tax > Tax Slab. Select 2014 from the Financial Year drop-down list.

Profession Tax Changes for Maharashtra and Telangana

The current PT of Maharashtra and the PT for the new state of Telangana are updated in greytHR. To view, go to System Settings > Payroll > Profession Tax Slabs. Select the state from the State drop-down list. You can view the General PT slabs or select a specific district from the Location drop-down list.

Payroll Repository

You can configure the Payroll repository for various calculations from Payroll > Setup > Payroll Repository. The changes that you make here reflect in Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Salary. You can select whether required component displays in UI or not, its related Income Tax if any, set the formula if required, and enter suitable Remarks beside many other configuration parameters. You can modify the existing repository or add or delete Parent and Child components.

Apply Cut Off Dates for Payroll Processing

You can now fix a date range for Payroll processing. This ensures that Payroll processes only for employees falling within these cut off dates. To do so, go to Payroll Overview > edit inline the Cut off from <date> to <date> link on the chart > Update Payroll Info.