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If you have multiple companies in your organization, you can access their data from within a single account of greytHR. You can activate or deactivate your choice of multi company information. You can also enter some information about the preferred company such as its name in Reports.

  1. Go to The System Settings button. > System Settings > General > Multi Company Info and enter details as follows:
    The Multi Company Info page.

    Use the Advanced option to view the Multi Company Info menu. It is adequate to enter some basic details in all the three tabs.

  2. Click The Save button..
  3. A message displays to indicate successful save.
    The success message displays.
  4. Click .
  5. A confirmation message displays.
    The activated message displays.

  6. View the selected company name in the banner and required data in any of the menu options.
    Banner reflecting multi company drop-down list.

    The name of the selected company will also display in Payslips.

  7. To deactivate the current organization, either click the De-Activate button in the Multi Company Info page or select another company from the drop-down list of companies in the banner.