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As an organization, you might have employees working on field or traveling to various other locations for work. And tracking their work location is a struggle, every manager goes through. Has this ever made you wondered of having an application to track your employees’ various locations, when on field work?

Breath a sigh of relief, as greytHR’s Geo Mark+ feature is here!

With greytHR’s newly launched Geo Mark+ feature, the employees can now login from the greytHR mobile application, anytime anywhere. Geo Mark+ is a simple, modern technology that allows employees to mark their attendance online, using the greytHR mobile application. Employees can manually log in to the mobile application and mark their attendance from the client location that they visit. As a result, the organization can easily manage the day to day schedule of their employees and help them .

Apart from the above benefits, the employee’s nearby address, latitude & longitude, date & time of swipe and whether it is a swipe in or swipe out is also captured.


  • Easy collaboration with your field workforce.
  • Improved performance and productivity by at least 30%.
  • Being on time leads to a better customer acquisition and satisfaction.

How It Works


When an employee is working on field and has to visit multiple locations in a day, they only have to log in to greytHR’s mobile application and mark their attendance. The app will capture the current location or the nearest landmark of the employee. You can check the swipes from the Attendance Info page in your ESS.

You can mark your attendance from the greytHR mobile app, by performing the following steps:

  1. Login to the greytHR mobile application.

  2. In the Home page, tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) adjacent to My Feed. A menu slides out.

  3. Tap Attendance. The Attendance page opens.

  4. Tap Mark Attendance. The section expands.

  5. Tap Sign In. A message appears stating your sign in was completed successfully.

  • Download or upgrade the greytHR app to use this feature.

  • If the location is not accurate, Refresh the page and try again.

  • If you’re unable to login, check your internet connection.


You can not only mark your own attendance but also perform the below actions from the web app

  • view your employee’s swipes

  • reject your employee(s) swipes

  • provide reasons/ remarks to reject a swipe

  • Undo reject

Viewing the swipes

You can view the swipes in the My Info > Attendance > Employee Swipes page. Provided you need to have user rights to enable the Employee Swipes page.

Rejecting the swipes

The swipes are auto approved until you manually reject them for a valid reason. Upon landing on the Employee Swipes page, select the various filter options like date type, date, select employee and type. In the Status filter, select Approved from the drop down. List of all the approved swipes will appear. Use the check box to select the adjacent employee whose swipe(s) have to be rejected. Now, scroll right to the Remarks column and enter the reason for rejection. Then click the Reject Swipe button, at the bottom. You'll be prompted to Confirm or Cancel your actions. Confirming will reject the swipe and you can view the rejected swipes from the Status filter (select Rejected from the drop down). An email notification is sent to the employee and their manager when a swipe is rejected. The rejected swipes are displayed in a red color in the Attendance Info page. 

Rejecting a swipe will also affect the actual work hours of the employee. The duration of the rejected swipe will not be considered in the actual work hours calculation.

You can also revert the Rejected swipes before the Attendance Period Finalization process. Follow the same procedure (rejecting the swipe) and in the Status filter, select Rejected from the drop down and click Undo Rejection. You can also view the history of the swipes in the grid column called History.


As an Admin, you enjoy all the privileges that a manager is authorized to. You can view and reject the swipes, manage the employee(s) schedule, undo rejection and also export the data to an Excel. To get started with the Geo Mark+ enable the feature by checking the box. Navigate to My Account > New Features > enable Geo Tracking. 

You can enable or disable this feature for a set of employees (based on your configuration) from the Attendance Scheme. 

This feature is subscription based and works for Android versions Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1) and above. The feature is not supported for Android versions below Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1).

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