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In the Employee Settings group, we have various configuration pages related to employee management.

To navigate to Employee settings, click Settings icon > System Settings > Employee. Clicking on Employee displays the menu options and you can choose the required option from the given menu.  

Settings PageDescription
Employee No Series                                       
As a best practice, most organizations allot a unique ID or Employee Number to each employee. This ID is a running serial number and we need to ensure that duplicate IDs are not issued. greytHR manages the Employee No Series and automatically increments the serial each time a new employee joins the organization. Moreover, you can have different series for different categories of employees such as permanent employees, trainees, or contract employees.
Employee OptionsThis page has settings related to employee information defaults. You can change settings such as Probation Period, Confirmed Employee StatusDefault Home Currency, Employee Retirement Age in Years, Password Policy for File Attachments, Password Protected Attachments etc.
Category GroupThe application allows you to have any number of employee categories. When viewing employee information, we may prefer to see only certain key employee categories (e.g Department and Location), instead of all of them. This page allows you to choose which employee categories are shown in various pages within the application.
Employee Position
For purposes of reporting, analytics, filtering or policy we need to segregate employees into various categories such as department, location, grade, or cost center. This page lets you create any number of such employee categories. You can also add records to each such category from this page. Click to get all the fields exported to an excel file.
Leaving ReasonYou can customize the various reasons for an employee leaving your organization and tag a code to these values. The reasons will then display in the Employee > Information > Separation and in the PF - ECR Format report.
Employee OnboardingYou can configure the employee information section(s) that has to be displayed in your employee onboarding page. You can also configure employee information that has to be mandatory in your employee onboarding page.  
Asset Group SettingsYou can map your asset types with a set of predefined group or groups. 
Employee Directory ConfigYou can set the information details that have to be disclosed in your employee directory.