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The Employee Leave page offers an overview of the different types of leave taken by an employee. Each tab provides information on a particular type of leave from which you can select a row to view details of that transaction. The leave transactions that are manually posted can be edited or deleted.

You can perform the following actions from this page:

The page displays leave for the current year. To change the year, click next to the Show Help button. An employee can apply for Comp Off only on non-working days - if Leave System Settings for Comp Off has the Allow employees to apply for additional leave grant (for compensatory off) only on a non working day check box selected. You can also apply rules for any leave type to prevent the employee from applying for leave exceeding the current balance for that leave type.

Viewing an Employee's Leave

Perform the following steps to navigate to the employee leave page:

  1. Click Leave > Info > Employee Leave. The Employee Leave page appears.
    Figure 1: Viewing the Employee Leave page

  2. Search for the employee whose leaves you want to view.

  3. Click on any of the tabs to view the transactions of that leave. The section on the right displays the summary and balance of the selected leave.
    Figure 2: Viewing the

  4. In the All tab, use the filters to customize your search.

  • You can select only one row at a time. To edit a leave, click The Edit button.. An Edit Leave Transaction pop-up window appears where you can edit the leave.
  • To delete a leave, click The Delete button.. The Edit button is enabled for leaves processed by Admin and not those that come through the workflow.  
  • Based on your configuration in User Roles, The Apply On behalf button. is displayed on this page which will enable the Admin to apply for leave on behalf of an employee. This option is used by the Admin to apply for leave on behalf of an employee. The request goes to the employee's manager or reviewer for approval. Only if the request is approved, the leave balance of that employee changes.

Download Leave Details

The Download button allows you to download the employee's leave transaction details. The following steps guide you to download the leave transaction details:

  1. Navigate to Leave > Information > Employee Leave. The Employee Leave page appears.

  2. Search for the employee, for whom you want to update the opening leave balance.

  3. Click the Download button. An Export Leave Transactions pop-up window appears.
    Figure 2: Viewing the Export Leave Transactions pop-up window

  4. In the From and To fields, select the date range for which you want to generate the report.
  5. From the Leave Type drop down, select the type of leave you want in the report.
  6. From the Leave Transaction drop down, select the type of transaction you want in the report.
  7. From the Order by drop down, select the order.

  8. Click Generate. A report is generated with your desired details.

Posting a Leave Transaction

The Post Leave Transaction option allows you to avail or grant leave directly to an employee. The transaction is automatically approved and will not go to the employee's manager or reviewer for any approvals. To post a leave transaction for an employee, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Leave > Information > Employee Leave or directly go to Actions > Leave > Post Leave Transaction.

  2. In the Employee Leave page, click The New Transaction button.. A Post Leave Transaction page appears.
    Figure 3: Viewing the Post Leave Transaction page

  3. In the Post Leave Transaction page, from the Leave Type drop down, select the desired leave.

  4. From the drop down, select the transaction type.

  5.  Select the appropriate date range and session from the From Date, From Session, To Date and To Session fields, respectively.

  6. In the Reason field, type the reason.

  7. Click Save.

The leave also reflects in the Employee Overview section.

 Ignore Leave Rules While Granting Leave

Admin can now bypass leave rules while manually granting leave for an employee. A new privilege is introduced for Leave-Admin category to ignore leave rules associated with the corresponding leave type while manually granting leave. Click here to learn more.


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users > User Roles.
  2. For User Roles (Admin), select the Category as Leave-Admin.
  3. Check the box Ignore Leave Rules for Granted in Post Leave Transaction.

    Figure 6 - Enable the Option Ignore Leave Rules for Granted in Post Leave Transaction

  4. Save the change to the user roles configuration.
  5. To post a new transaction, go to Leave > Information > Employee Leave.
  6. Select an employee and click the New Transaction button.
  7. Select a Leave Type and select the Transaction Type as Granted.

    Figure 7 - Post Leave Transaction of Transaction Type Granted

  8. When you save the transaction, the leave rules specific to the leave type (Casual Leave in this case), are bypassed.

    Figure 8 - Leave Rules to be Bypassed


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