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The Employee Overview page, offers an overview of the day-to-day activities around employees in your organization. It could be information pertaining to new joinees or updates such as confirmation, joining, or resignation.

  1. Click Employee > Main > Overview.

    Overview is the default page you visit when you click on the Employee menu from anywhere in greytHR.

  2. The Overview page is divided in to the following sections:
    1. Non-interactive: user interaction is not allowed and the graph refreshes automatically.

      A similar non-interactive page is the Activity tab, which provides a change log of Employee activities.

    2. Interactive: user interaction is allowed for some sections. Data refreshes automatically.
      The interactive section of the Employee Overview page.

Click The Plus icon  next to the sections listing employee names. You will then be taken to the corresponding page such as Add Employee or Resign Employee. Click more or less to expand or collapse a list.

You can also invite your employees to download the greytHR app on their mobile phone. To invite, click More, you'll be redirected to the Invite Employees to use Mobile Application page. Once on the page, you'd see a list of employees. Use the check box to select the employee(s). Then, click Invite.

You can also configure the message that you want to send. On the right, in the box, from the drop-down select the message category. Or click to edit your own message.

Click here to watch the video on how to generate a report.

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