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A filter is a quick way to shortlist or group a set of employees. Using Employee Filters, we can target a certain policy or communication to be applicable for a subset of the employees and not all employees.  

The steps to setup an employee filter are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Setup > Employee Filter.

  2. Click . An Employee Filter pop-up window appears.

    Figure 1: Viewing the Employee Filter page

  3. In the Filter Title type box, type a name for your filter. If you want to share the filter with others, select the Shared Filter checkbox.


  4. Select the appropriate tab of your choice. If you select:

    • Quick tab:

      1. From the Category Type drop-down, select the category.

      2. Select the sub-category from the list that appears and click the arrow.

      3. In the Employee Type field, select the type of employee using the given radio buttons.

      4. From the Employee Status drop down, type or select the status.

      5. Click .

    • Custom tab:

      1. Select the categories of your choice from the drop-down menus. (To add another criteria, click Add Criteria).

      2. Click

The new filter appears in the Employee Filter page.

The new filter is now available for use from Employee > Setup > HR Forms > the Add Forms wizard > the Employee Filter drop-down list and the Employee Filter drop-down of the filter bar.

Click here to watch the video on how to create an employee filter.

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