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The Bonus Register, helps you manage all the activities such as adding bonus for an employee, tracking the bonus or deleting an existing bonus. This register keeps a record of all the bonus activites.

To add bonus for an employee, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Information > Bonus Register.
  2.  In the Bonus Register page, search and select the employee for whom you want to add bonus.
  3. Click . A section appears with various fields.
    Figure 2: Viewing the bonus fields
  4. Select the Bonus Type, Eligible Bonus, Payable By and type the Remarks (if any).
  5. Click Save. The saved details appear in the Bonus Register page.
  • You can edit  or delete the bonus.
  • You can also upload bonus for multiple employees or multiple bonus for same employee. Use the Excel Import option and select Employee Bonus Details in the Importer Type field.
  • You can also build your own report from Query Builder using the Bonus Register fields.

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