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 greytHR enables you to attach the Proof of Investment for your valid investment declarations. Taxable Income is computed based on this and subsequently tax will be deducted.  To navigate to this page, click the My Info menu on the Home page and then click Proof of Investment under Salary. Once on this page, you can attach your valid investment proofs only if the Admin has released the POI for you.

Figure 1: Navigating to Proof of Investment

Attaching Proof of Investment

The module allows you to attach .zip,.rar or .7z format files of your investment proof documents. To attach your proofs, perform the following steps:

  1. On the POI page (based on the declarations that you have made), you need to perform the following actions under the Deductions Chapter VI A, Exemptions - Section 10, Section 24 and Other Income tabs:
    • Under the Other Income tab, type the details of your investment in the Particulars text box.

      For the other tabs, (Deductions Chapter VI A, Exemptions - Section 10 and Section 24), the particulars are predefined.

    • In the Amount (Rs.) text box, type the amount associated with the investment in Rupees.
    • Click the Proof check box if you have an associated proof.
    • In the No. of docs text box, type the number of documents associated with that investment.
    • In the Remarks text box, type a remark if any.
  2. You can attach the proofs of your investments, only under the Other Income tab. Click to attach the proof.

    Figure 2: Uploading Documents for POI

  3. Type a note, if any.
  4. Click to submit the proofs. A dialog box appears prompting you to confirm your action.
  5. Click Confirm. A success message appears informing that your POI data has been sent to Admin and the POI is locked. Once the POI is locked, you cannot make any changes.

    You can click to save your documents and send them later.

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You can click here to watch the video on how to submit proof of investment.

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