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Where can admin see Attendance information?

Admin can see the Attendance Information in the Attendance Information tab. Navigate to Leave > Information > Attendance Info. The Attendance Info page appears.

Which report is to be referred for monthly Attendance details?

Attendance Muster.

How can admin assign shifts?

Admin can assign shifts from the Attendance Scheme page and then map them to the employees. Perform the following steps to create an Attendance Scheme.

  1. Click + Add Attendance Scheme. The Add Attendance Scheme page appears.
  2. Type the name for the Attendance Scheme in the Scheme Name text box.
  3. In the Shift Rotation Policy field, select the appropriate Shift Rotation Policy from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Weekend Policy field, select the appropriate Weekend Policy from the drop-down list. The Edit Weekend Policy icon () appears beside the chosen Weekend Policy. Click on the edit icon to further modify the Weekend Policy that you have chosen.
  5. In the Actual Hour Computation field, select the logic for computing the actual hours.
  6. In the Attendance Policy field, select the appropriate Attendance Policy from the drop-down list.
  7. In the Employee Filter field, select one of already created filters, from the drop-down list. Click the  Add New Filter icon to create a new Employee Filter. To know more about creating Employee Filter, refer Create an Employee Filter.
  8. Click Save. A message is displayed informing that the Attendance Scheme is created. The scheme is then assigned to the selected employees according to the chosen filter.

How to add new shifts into the system?

To assign new shifts into the system,   perform the following steps:

  1. Click +Add Shift. The Add Shift page appears.
  2. Type the shift name in the Shift text box.
  3. Type the shift code in the Shift Code text box. The value can be of maximum four characters.
  4. Define the In time and Out time for Session 1 and Session 2. Also define the grace period that you want to set for the two sessions.
  5. In the Shift In Margin text box, define the margin for your shift hours.
  6. Define the minimum hours for half and full day.
  7. Click Save. A message is displayed informing that the shift is created.

How and where to update access card number in system?

To update the access card number, perform the following steps:



Can Admin modify Attendance Information of an Employee?

Yes, Admin can modify only day type and shift in attendance information for an employee.

Where can admin view current day's attendance status of employee?

 Admin can view current day's attendance status of an employee under Who Is In. The data is listed for a day and for a selected Shift.

  1. Click Leave > Main > Who Is In?

  2. Click to export to MS Excel if required.


  1. The complete attendance at the time of your log in displays in a table format in the default Not Yet In tab. You can select required date and other values from the filter bar  to customize your view. Click The List button. to view values as a list. Click the Late In or On Time tabs to view corresponding values.

 Where and how to define weekly-offs?







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