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Deductor is required to furnish one regular TDS statement for a particular TAN, Form, Financial year and Quarter. In case there are any additions/updates to be made to the details of the regular statement accepted at the TIN central system, the same should be done by furnishing a correction statement.

Once the FVU is generated for a Quarter and performed eTDS, then system enables provision to do revised filing as well. Revisions shall be recorded like Revision 1, Revision 2 etc.

Click on the button Form 24Q Revision to begin the step by step wizard to generate FVU for revised return

Upload Corrected TDS Statement for the selected quarter. Please refer the FAQ to know the process to get CTDS
Once the file is uploaded, click on Next button to proceed

Systems gives a confirmation that the Step 1 is completed and also show the file name of the uploaded CTDS
Click on Next to derive the Changes List

In each of the correction categories ( Eg:- C1, C5), system allows you to see the details as well. Click on the correction line item to see the expanded view as shown in the figure.
If decided not to consider a particular correction category, say, C5 for the revision, click on the 'x' button shown against the correction category.

If finding the corrections list as fine, to proceed with the process, click on Next button.

System takes a few seconds to process. If the process is a failure, will show an error message or else generate the FVU file
If require FVU for the revised return and Form 27A can be downloaded, separately or download the. zip with all files at one shot.

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