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greytHR enables easy collection of fines/damages from employees. For Fines, the collection is from a regular employee, and for Damages, it is from a contract employee.


The collection can be in installments or one time.

  1. Go to Employee > Statutory > Fines and Damage > Fines.

    The Fines tab of the Fines and Damages menu.

    To display the Fines and Damages page, select it from System > User Administration > User Roles.

  2. Click Add Fine in the default tab of Fines to add fine details:
    The Add Fine page

  3. Likewise, click Add Damages to add damages from the Damages tab.

    For both the actions, you can either add a contract employee who is already assigned to a contract or one who is not. However, relevant reports will only show details of contract employees.

    Contracts is a subscription feature and also requires certain system settings.

  4. Save your changes for the values to reflect in the Registers page.
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