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The Leave page provides a quick summary of your leave balance, upcoming holidays and recent leave transactions. Click on the Leave tab, to know more about your leave and status of your leave applications.

  • Team Managers and supervisors can view their team's leave status under the Team Leave Calendar.
  • You can also navigate to the Leave page by clicking the My Info menu and then clicking Leave from the menu that appears.

Figure 1: Viewing the Leave Dashboard

The Leave page displays the following information:

Leave Balance

The Leave Balance tab, displays the available number of leave days for the different leave types, that you have for a particular year. Click View Leave Summary, to view the complete leave balance summary. The Leave Balance Summary page that appears, displays the following tabs:

  • My Leave—displays your leave according to leave type.

  • Holidays—displays the list of holidays from the company's holiday list. You can also view the list of holidays for previous years, by selecting the year from the drop-down list.

  • Leave Calendar—displays leaves taken, in a calendar view.

Upcoming Holidays

The Upcoming Holidays tab, displays the upcoming holidays from the company's holiday list.

Recent Transactions

The Recent Transactions tab, displays the recent leave transactions based on your leave requests. Following details are displayed under this tab:

  • Approved—indicates that your leave request is accepted
  • Under Reviewindicates that your leave request is yet to be approved
  • Rejectedindicates that your leave request is not approved





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