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The monthly task of generating Payslips is smoothly handled in this menu of greytHR. You can generate Salary, Reimbursement, and Settlement Payslips for a number of employees at one time and push the Payslips to Employee Portal using the basic steps outlined here. To view Payslips of individual employees, go to _Payslip.

To directly generate Reimbursement Payslip(s), go to Actions > Payroll > Print / Email > Reimbursement Payslip.

  1. Click Payroll > Payout > Payslips.
    The Payslips page of the Payout group menu.

    By default, the Selected employees option button is selected. You may further filter employees. Also, select the month for which you will generate Payslips. To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Payroll > Print / Email Payslips.

  2. Select employees or click the All employees option button.

  3. Click The Add Remarks button. to add additional remarks for all or selected employees.

  4. Enter your remarks in the pop-up window and click The Save button..
    The Payslip Remarks pop-up window.

    The message will be the same when you select All employees. The employee names list if you send to selected employees.

  5. Click The Download as PDF button. to view the Payslip(s) from your default downloads folder.

    The Payslips are consecutively arranged in a single PDF.

  6. Click .

  7. Click The Confirm button. in the Send Payslip pop-up window.
    The Send Payslip pop-up window.
  8. The Remarks column of the Payslips matrix updates with the message you created in Step 4.
    The Remarks column updated with message.

    For the Payslips to reflect in employee(s) login, you need to release Payroll from Overview.


  1. " employees ta one time" – needs correction

    " push the Pasylsips to Employee Portal"   

    "individual emplloyees"

    "click the the All employees" – needs correction

    "The message will be the same when you select to send to all employees."

    "The Payslips now reflect in selected employee(s) login "  –  This page helps to print or email payslips, to reflect in employees login you need to release payroll in overview page

    1. user-f3f67

      All fixed. See change to Step8. thx!