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This page displays complete salary details of a single employee in greytHR. The user interactions on this page are:

  1. Select an employee in Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Salary.
    The Salary page of an employee.
    Click Actions > Payroll > Update Payroll Data.

    Click The Plus icon. or The Minus icon. to view all components or collapse back to the default view of salient components. You can also use similar icons in the salary table to expand or collapse one component at a time.

  2. Based on your task, select:

    1. Edit a Salary Component

      1. In the salary table, click The Edit icon. to edit a salary component such as Medical Reimbursement.
        Medical Reimbursement selected for edit.

        You can edit only those components that are not dependent on other components. For an existing Loan, only interest rate can be edited. Income Tax is computed automatically.

      2. In the Medical Reimbursement page, click Add to add relevant details as follows:
        The Medical Reimbursement page.

      3. Click The Save button..

        The value for the Modified Date column and the success message upon saving display only the first you save.

      4. Click The Close button. to return to the salary table.

    2. Process Salary
      1. Perform steps as in Edit a Salary Component.

      2. Click  to ensure your edits reflect immediately in the salary table.
        Edits to Medical Reimbursement reflect in the salary table.

        All changes need to be processed so as to reflect in the employee's salary. Note that the Legend below the salary table updates automatically as per your changes. The Tick icon. indicates that the value is present and The Cross icon. that it is yet to be included.

    3. Revise Salary

      1. Go to Salary Revision History.
    4. View by Category
      1. Select a value from the Salary Group drop-down list.
        The Salary Group drop-down list.
        Search by a value you enter in the search by component text box.
        The search by component text box.
      2. The salary table display changes as per your selection.
        The salary table grouped as per reimbursement.
        The salary table grouped as per medical.


  1. Few Salary Items have Edit options, based on the type of component Edit screens will change for example Income Tax, Reimbursement, Loan, One Time Payments, etc will have different type of Screens. This needs to be explain in detailed about all Edit Screens.

    Statement about the Loan seems  to be wrong.


    1. user-f3f67

      Edit concept covered adequately across Step2 and Related Concepts.

      Loan - Nagraj to clarify.

  2. You can edit only those components that are not dependent on other components. Once created, Loan cannot be edited. Income Tax is computed automatically. - Statement needs to be corrected.
    > Need to explain on the Income Tax component edit
    > Need to explain on Adding a Loan Entry

  3. user-f3f67

    >> IT page created

    >> Loan page created