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Add a form

You can add the form forms using the Form Builder tool. The Form Builder is a very powerful tool/feature with a simple drag & drop option. FormBuilder helps you create customized, job-specific forms for various requirementsrequirementss.  You can maintain, edit, update, and validate the information using the Form Builder tool.


  1. Click Add new task template. Add Task Template pop-up appears.

  2. Under the Add a form option, click Add to add a form. Form Builder pop-up appears.
  3. In the Form Title text box, enter the name of the form as per your requirementrequirementss. For example, Bank information.
  4. From the Field column, drag and drop the fields you require to the right side of the form. For example, drag-drop the Text Field. Text Field Component pop-up opens.


    At any point of time, you can move, edit, and copy the fields as per your requirementrequirementsTypes of Fields available are:

    1. Text Field: Helpful in creating name fields such as bank name and branch name.
    2. Text Area: Helpful in creating description fields such as remarks. Provides space to write complete sentence structures.
    3. Number: Helpful in creating numeric fields such as IFSC Code or Amount.
    4. Checkbox: Helpful in creating the options you can select using checkboxes such as Acknowledgement and notifications.

  5. Enter the required information to create the form component. In the Components pop-up, there are two tabs:
    1. Display: Information you add under this tab, displays in the form. 
    2. Validation: The information you add under this tab helps you to make the field as Required. You can also set the character limits.
  6. Under the Text Field Component pop-up, click Save to add the form component in your form.
  7. After adding all the required components in the Form Builder, click Save to save and create the form for the owner.