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 11. Where can I view information of all my invoices, payments, and amounts due?

 You can view these information, in the following pages:

  • For invoices, navigate to My Account > Invoices
  • For payments, navigate to My Accounts > Payments

22. When is an invoice generated?

An invoice is generated on the last day of every month. This is generally applicable to all our clients.

Bill is generated based on the following entities:

  • Active headcount for the month; this includes, active employees, new joinees, employees whose salary is on hold, and employees whose salary has been stopped.

  • Final settlement employees for the month

You have to take care of the headcount corrections during month end or before the bill is generated.

We also have an option where you can select the billing date as the 5th, 10th, or 15th of the next month. Based on your selection, invoices are generated on those dates of the next month.

This option has been provided, as many of our clients process their payroll by the 7th of the next month. You can make a choose the billing cycle that suits you best.

  • The due date of payment due date is 10 days from the date of invoice. We request you to release the payment by 10th of each month and share in the complete transaction details of the payment to 
  • Payment should be on monthly basis.

33. How is the headcount calculated for invoice generation?

Invoices are generated based on the current headcount for a particular month and the employees who have been settled in that month.


  • Headcount is not related to the number of employees for whom you have processed the payroll. 
  • Headcount is not related to the number of employees shown on the Overview page of the Payroll module.

Current headcount includes,

  • Employees who have not resigned  
  • Employees whose salary payment has been stopped 
  • Employees whose salary processing is on hold

  • Employees who are excluded from payroll

Employees marked as resigned, are not included in the headcount for invoicing.

Settled employees include employees whose settlements has been processed in the current month. They could have resigned in the current month or the previous month.

An employee might have been marked as resigned few months back, but while performing final settlement for a particular month, that employee must be considered for the final settlement. In such a case, the employee is considered only once for the final settlement.

44. Can I get a list of employees who are considered in the headcount of an invoice?

Yes, you can easily access the list of employees who are considered in the headcount calculation. To view the list of employees, navigate to My Account > Invoices > Billing Period  > Head Count.

In case you do not see this option, please contact your administrator to enable this feature.

55. For how long will my invoice be considered due for payment?

You will need to make a payment within 10 days of the invoice generation date.

66. What are the different modes of payment available?

You can make payment in one of the following three ways:

  • Online Payment—this includes the general method of online payment and can be processed using a debit card, credit card, or through NEFT transfer.

To make your payment online, log on to the greytHR application and then navigate to My Accounts > Invoices. Once you are on the Invoices page, click Pay Now and proceed to the payment gateway. On successfully completing the payment, you receive an email with the receipt for the payment, immediately. For the detailed procedure, please refer .

  • Bank transfer—this includes payment made using the NEFT option. To know more about the bank transfer, refer . 

If you are making a bank transfer, please use the NEFT option only and do not use the IMPS option. The reason is that, when you choose IMPS for the bank transfer, we do not get any information of the sender. Hence, we are unable to credit the amount to your greytHR account.

  • Cheque—You can courier us a cheque (written to above mentioned account number) to the office address given below,

Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd,

Grape Garden, # 29 & 30,

17th Main,6th block Koramangala,




Please note that our office address has changed from May 2016. Kindly make a note of this new address.

Also, we request you not to deposit the cheque directly into our account. If you directly deposit the cheque to our account, we do not get to see the sender information. Hence, we cannot credit the amount to your account. To know more about the making payment through cheque or DD, refer .

77. Will I be getting a hard-copy of the invoice?

We do not have the practice of generating and couriering hard copies of the invoice. We will be sending across soft copy of the invoice to the email address mentioned as the Billing Contact. 

In addition to this, from the end of September, these invoices can be digitally signed.

88. If I find a discrepancy in the invoice, how do I get it rectified?

Invoices are generated as a part of an automated billing process that is very well tested. This process has been successfully generating accurate invoices over a long period of time. So the scenario that you may encounter an issue with the invoice, would be quite rare.

However, if you encounter an error in any such rare instance, then please write to us at with a description of the issue. Our team then quickly reviews the issue, reverts with a feedback, and work with you to address the issue.

As a follow-up process, if there is a requirement for a modification of the invoice, the same is handled in the form of a credit note or debit note. We cannot make any modifications to the already generated invoice, hence we take this approach.

99. Will my account get disabled due to non-payment?

An account is disabled, if you reach the maximum limit for invoice service. This happens when you fail to pay the outstanding invoices before the next invoice is generated.

A reminder is sent two weeks before disabling the account, in the form of a notification within the greytHR application and by email. On receiving the outstanding payment, the account is again enabled.

1010. My account is disabled for non payment. How can I get this enabled?

You need to clear all outstanding payments before a disabled account can be re-enabled.

Even when an account is disabled, we maintain the site, other infrastructures, and the data for you. Hence, a bill is generated for the URL cost , server maintenance cost, cost for database backup, and so on. These invoices have to be paid before the service is enabled.

1111. If I wish to discontinue my account, what is the process?

We believe that there must be a very slim need for you to discontinue your usage of greytHR. But in case you want to discontinue, please send us an email 30 days in advance, to On receiving the email, we initiate the process for shutting down your account. However, please note that an intimation in the very last moment or after the bill is generated, is not acceptable.

The account is closed, from the date the next invoice is generated. As the account is kept live until the date of generation of the next invoice, you need to pay the subscription charges up to the date of closure. Hence, we request you to make the payments of all outstanding invoices within the payment due dates post closure of your account.

1212. How long will the data be available in case I discontinue my account?

Your data will be available for a maximum period of 30 days from the date the account is disabled. Charges for URL are applicable, if you request us to keep the data for more than 30 days.

1313. If I face any issues on the invoices or my payments, who can I contact?

If you face any issues, please use our Help Desk to log your queries. Additionally, you can also write in to us at Our billing team responds to your query and works to quickly resolve them.

1414. If I face any issues with the software who can I contact?

If you face any issues, please use our Help Desk to log your queries. Additionally, you can also write in to us at Our support team reviews the query and works with you to ensure that the queries are resolved.

Following steps help you to log a query in our Help Desk:

  1. Click the Support button appearing at the top of the greytHR application. The How can we help you? dialog box appears.

    Click the Edit link appearing next to your username, if you want to modify the contact details. In the dialog box that appears, type your email address, name, and contact number.

    Figure 1: Raising a Help Desk query

  2. In the Category, Sub Category, and Type of Query fields, select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.       

  3. In the Question text-box, type your question.

  4. In the Details text-box, type the details for your question.

  5. Click Upload File and select the required file from your system.

    You can upload TXT, DOC, XLS, XLSX, GIF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, and PDF files only.

  6. Click Submit. Your query is submitted to the Help Desk.

1515. If I decide to unsubscribe from your online Payroll service during the period for which I have already made advance payment, will I get a refund?

No, the amount already paid is non-refundable.