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Benefits for Administrators

  • 100% accuracy in all calculations every month.
  • Effortlessly meet all statutory compliance requirements related to PF, ESI, Professional Profession Tax, TDS, Income Tax, etc.
  • Reduced data entry and manual work. Enter key information once and it is used to automatically generate all reports and statements.
  • Increased productivity: save hours and days of effort.
  • Consolidate all information in one single location. Keep track of all historical employee or salary information.
  • Easily generate dozens of reports.
  • Minimize complaints and queries from employees.



Benefits for Top Management

  • Access to payroll information, MIS reports, dashboard from anywhere.
  • Assurance of 100% statutory compliance.
  • Keep payroll data confidential.
  • Better information sharing between administrators and management eliminates pockets of private knowledge.
  • No need for IT support or maintenance.
  • Automatic backup of data.
  • Highly reliable and access from anywhere, anytime. No people dependence.
  • Motivate employees and minimize employee dissatisfaction.