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Comment: Reverted from v. 12

greytHR is now ready with the budget changes for the current financial year 2020-21. These changes will be reflected in the system from the April 2020 payroll. To enable these changes, no action is required from your end. These changes  Budget changes are enabled by default in our application with effect from April 2020 payroll. 

Disabling the Budget 2020-2021 changes

At any point in time, greytHR allows you to revert to the last previous financial year(2019-2020) budget. Perform the following actions to revert back to the older budget:

  1. Navigate to either Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Salary. You will see the following information box with the Revert button.


    Please note that you can also revert back to the older budget from Payroll > Process > Payroll Process.

  2. To revert back the greytHR application to the older budget for the purpose of payroll processing, click Revert button. The following confirmation popup appears:
  3. Click Confirm to revert back to the old budget changes.