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TopView Letters or Forms

  • You can view and use letters templates from  and Prepare a Letter.
  • You can preview letters from .

    To learn how to create a letter template, click here.

LetterTemplateLetter Template

  1. Go to Employee > Setup > Letter Template.
  2. To view current and newly added letters or forms, click The Download icon in the Letter Template tab of the Letter Template page.
    The Letter Template page
  3. The letter downloads to your default local directory as a PDF.
  4. Open to view it.

    Use the other icons alongside the letter or form to perform edit or delete actions on the item. To view and use the template, go to Prepare a Letter.

TemplateGalleryTemplate Gallery

  1. To view preset letters in Template Gallery, click The Preview Template button in the Template Gallery of the Letter Template page.
  2. The preview displays in the same page as follows:
    Preview the letter from within the Letter Gallery
  3. To add the letter to the Letter Template table, click The Add To My Templates button in the preview.

    To close the preview without adding, click The Close button.

  4. Click Confirm in the Add Letter Template message box.
    The Add Letter Template message box
  5.  displays a confirmation message.
    Message confirming addition of preset letter to the Letter Template table
  6. Go to the Letter Template table to view the letter.
     Experience Letter displays in the Letter Template table
  7. Go to to  to learn actions you can perform on the letter.


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