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enables a bird's eye view of the hierarchy of the org or of an individual employee. You can also use the feature to move one or more employees within the hierarchy. You can view org structure as follows:

  • : view the org structure of a selected employee.
  • : view the org structure of the entire org.

The default view is of current employees. Click The All button. to view employees who are separated from the org. Click The Refresh icon. to refresh page.

OrgTreeOrg Tree

  1. Go to Employee > Reporting Structure > Org Tree (default tab).
    The Reporting Structure page in the Employee menu
  2. Click The Plus icon  in the Org Tree on the left of the page to expand the org structure of selected employee.
    The Org Tree expanded.

  3. Explore Change Log on the right of the page to view historical org changes of the employee selected using employee search control.
    Change Log in Org Tree

OrgChartOrg Chart

  1. Go to Employee > Reporting Structure > Org Chart.
    Default view of Org Chart.

    By default, Org Chart always displays at top level.

  2. Click the pink border to expand or collapse the chart one level and repeat step till you reach desired level.
    Expanded view of Org Chart.

    Click the blue area to zoom in and out of the thumbnail if required.


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