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You transfer one or more employees to another manager when the current manager has a change in role or leaves the org or there is a restructuring at the org level.

  1. Go to Employee > Main > Reporting Structure.
    The Reporting Structure page in the Employee menu

  2. In the Reporting Structure page, click The Mass Transfer button.

    To directly perform this action, go to Actions > Employee > Transfer Subordinates.

  3. Select a manager to view corresponding list of subordinates.
    List of subordinates for selected manager
  4. Use the check boxes to select all employees or only those requiring a transfer. For example, select Anuradha Sohal.
  5. Select the manager under whom to transfer: For example, select Abhijeet Kumar who is current manager's manager. The page now displays as follows:
    The Mass Transfer page with your selections
  6.  Click The Transfer button.

    Click the Go Back button to return to the Reporting Structure page.

  7. The Reporting Manager page displays with a confirmation message on org change.
    The confirmation message on org change for selected employee

  8. In the same page, select Anuradha Sohal and note that her former manager (Aadesh Hiralal Sonal) and she are now peers.
    Org change details of selected employee

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