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The Attendance page allows you to view the attendance and overtime data. This helps you to monitor your average working hours, swipes details, overtime, and monthly attendance information.

Attendance Info

You can view all your attendance related information here. The attendance info page provides a summary of the recent swipes, attendance scheme, overtime, and session details. You can also see your previous and current month's average work hours, average actual work hours, penalty days and gaps in attendance. Additionally, the attendance info page gives an insight into your average In and Out time for the previous month.

To navigate to the Attendance Info page, click Attendance > Attendance Info.

Figure 1: Attendance Info page

Viewing your Attendance Summary for a Month 

You can view your complete attendance activities for the current or previous month. You can see your attendance activities in calendar or table view.

Table View

Click Table View   icon to view the summary of your attendance in the table view. You can also view the attendance summary of the previous month by selecting the Calendar  icon and selecting the required date range from the calendar.

Figure 2: Table View

Calendar view

Click Calendar View  icon to see the summary of your attendance in the calendar view. You can also view the previous month of attendance summary by clicking Prev.

Figure 3: Calendar View

The calendar view displays the following shift codes and status:

Shift Codes

  • Regularized
  • Override
  • Deduction
  • Alert for Deduction
  • Ignored
  • Grace

Leave Types

  • Casual Leave


  • Holiday
  • Restricted Holiday
  • Absent
  • Rest Day
  • Present
  • Off Day
  • Leave
  • Status Unknown

The status and , leave types, and shift codes mentioned above can vary as per your admin configuration. The display of status on your calendar view will be based on your swipes and day-types.


Legends indicate the description of colours and patterns used in our attendance info page.

Figure 4: Legends

Schemes, Session Details, Overtime Info, and Swipes


Scheme displays the attendance scheme that you are entitled. Under Scheme, you can also view your shift timings for a particular day. This section displays the following details:

  • First In
  • Last Out
  • Total Work hrs
  • Actual Work hrs
  • Shortfall Work hrs
  • Excess hrs

Session Details

Session Details display the sessions for one day and the timings allotted for each session. This section displays the following details:

  • Session
  • Session Timing
  • First In
  • Late Out
  • Late In hrs
  • Early Out hrs

Overtime Info

Overtime Info displays the information for the selected date. This section displays the following details:

  • Eligible OT
  • Applied OT
  • Considered OT
  • OT Policy


Swipes display the total swipes that you have made for a day. This gives you information about your sign-in and sign-out activities for a day. This section displays the following details:

  • In/Out
  • Swipe Time
  • Door/Address

The details displayed under schemes, session details, overtime, and swipes can vary as per your admin configuration.

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