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When an employee joins an organization, the company welcomes the new employee and provides orientation on company, culture, job, benefits and various sub-processes around the work. Generally, the whole process is termed as Onboarding. In most of the companies HR Department drives the whole process.

A good onboarding process helps the employee develop into a happy contributor and also, self onboarding creates healthy engagement as your new hire feels like a part of the organization. Onboarding conveys your organizational brand and values, explains your people and professional culture.

On the first day of joining, there are a set of formalities that needs to be done and the most important among them is collecting the employee's personal information. This personal information could be an employee’s previous employment, accounts & statutory, family & nomination along with attachments like address proof, mark sheets, photograph, ID proof etc.

Did you know that not having a proper onboarding process for new employees can cost companies upto 2.5% in revenue losses due to low productivity? Inaccurate information also exposes companies to statutory risks.

With greytHR's Employee Onboarding feature, say goodbye to paperwork! All the onboarding formalities like collecting an employee’s details to assigning a point of contact to them, can be performed with ease. As mentioned above, the statutory risks are reduced and also, the organizational values can be improved and an attempt to create a happy onboarding experience, for the new employee is achieved. It’s Its seamless process makes it easier to view, update and consume all the information on-the-go.


Let’s have a look at how beneficial greytHR's Employee Onboarding is

The benefits of the greytHR's Employee Onboarding are limitless. However, here are a few points to be noted:

  • Onboard new employees to the organization and make them feel welcome and prepared for their jobs

  • Hassle free onboarding experience for employee ensures reduced overhead on HR team

  • Accurate information collection as employees are filling up their own information & can share proofs as attachments

  • Creates a connection for new employee by introducing a Point of Contact in the organization

  • Allows HRs to electronically share policy documents to maintain compliance