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 enables entry of resignation details in two stages:

  • : do this when an employee submits resignation
  • : do this when the employee actually leaves your organization

In System Settings > Miscellaneous > Advance Options (Advance Settings), select EMPLOYEEMANAGE from the Section drop-down list. Next, select Consider Notice Period in months check box. Now, the next time you resign an employee from the Resign Employee page, you are able to provide ordinal values such as 1 for Notice Period. The same reflects in Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Final Settlement when you process settlement through the wizard. Here, the ordinal numbers you enter correspond to values in day-month next to the Notice Period field.


EmpResignUpdate Resignation Details

  1. In the Actions tab, click Resign Employee.
    The Resign Employee menu in the Actions tab.
  2. In the Resign Employee page, select the employee and resignation details.
    The Resign Employee page with resignation details.
  3. Click The Save button..
  4. The Overview page displays along with a success message.
    Resign employee success message

EmpExitUpdate Exit Details

  1. In the Resign Employee page, select employee and enter exit details.
     The Resign Employee page with exit details.
  2. Click The Save button..
  3. The Overview page displays along with a success message.
    Resign employee success message
  4. The resigned employee name displays in Employee Overview > Resigned Employees.
    Resigned employee name in the Employee Overview page.

  • Enabling the Exclude from final settlement check box will exclude that employee from the Full and Final Settlement process. This option will appear based on your configuration.

  • The resigned employee's name displays in only a month before Leaving Date.


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