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What is greytHR Customer Referral Program?

Much of our success is due to the word of mouth from our satisfied users. The greytHR Referral program is a great way to tell your friends about greytHR and get some awesome rewards, in return. If your friend becomes a greytHR's paying customer, the first month's subscription fee is all yours.

The more your refer, the more you earn! 

What is the greytRefer application?

The greytRefer application (, helps you refer greytHR to the people you know who would be beneficial from it. Since you would be rewarded in return for every successful reference, you can track your referee's activities and check for your reward points. Of course, the redemption is of your choice. You can either redeem these points for attractive gift, for online purchase vouchers or just convert it to pay your greytHR bill.

Salient features of our greytRefer application are:

  • Refer your contacts (the more, the merrier!)

  • Track earned points and referee activity through Dashboard

  • Encash your rewards in exciting ways

  • Earnings & Redemption report 

Refer greytRefer User Guide for detailed information.

How do I refer a friend?

This is easier than you think it is! When you login to your greytHR application, you will find a referral banner on the right top corner of the greytHR Home page. Click the Refer Now button to refer your contacts. Here is what happens next:

  1. You will be redirected to the greytRefer application ( in a new window. (Don’t worry about creating another user-id or password. We have linked this to your greytHR account).
  2. On the Home Page of the application, type your contact's email. In the Message text box, we have a brief intro about us. You can personalize your own message or send the default message.

  3. Your contact will receive a mail with a unique greytHR sign-up link.

  4. Your contact can sign-up for a free trial account of greytHR and experience the product.

  5. Our sales team will get in touch and help them to on-board to greytHR.

  6. Profit? Once your contact pays the first month's subscription fee, you will be rewarded with equivalent points.

  7. Redeem your reward points for vouchers of equivalent value, that can be used across popular e-commerce sites.

  8. Refer, earn, repeat! Isn’t it simple and beneficial?

Do I need to create an account separately in the greytRefer app?

We have that sorted for you! When you first click the Refer Now button from your greytHR application, an account on the greytRefer app is automatically created and linked to your greytHR account.

The next time you want to access your greytRefer application, simply click on the Refer banner on your greytHR application. You will be logged in the greytRefer application (

How do I access the greytRefer app?

The greytRefer app can be accessed in two ways:

  1. You can access this from within the greytHR by clicking on the Refer banner. You will be redirected to (automatic login) the greytRefer application (
  2. Alternatively, you can directly login to greytRefer application (

In case you are logging in for the first time or you are not aware of your credentials, then:

  • Your greytRefer login id is the same as the email id of your greytHR account. For exaample: if your registered greytHR email id is then your greytRefer login id would be

  • Your password can be generated using the Change Password option in the greytRefer app.  The email-id registered for your greytHR app is linked to greytRefer app. Hence, you will receive all the communication (including the reset password link) here.

Is there an eligibility criteria for referrals?

The greytHR Referral Program is open for channel partners, direct customers and users of the greytHR application.

Is there a maximum referral invite limit?

There is no maximum limit for you to refer your contacts. The more you refer, the more you earn!

However, you would not be able to send further invites in cases as mentioned below:

  • if there are more than 30 pending referrals who have not activated/ subscribed to greytHR using your referral link
  • if there are contacts whose referral link, sent by you, has not expired.


How do I know whether the referred friend has became a customer?

  1. You will be notified via an email once your contact subscribes to greytHR.
  2. You can also check the number of referred contacts on the greytHR Home page.
  3. Alternatively, you can login to greytRefer application ( and track your referee’s activity from the Dashboard.

In addition to this you will receive an email from us, intimating you that your contact has purchased a greytHR subscription plan, when this happens.

How do I view reward points earned for each referral?

You can always check the total earned reward points in the banner on the greytHR Home page.  Alternatively, you can directly login to greytRefer application (

You can also view the payment details of your referral including invoice number and date in the Rewards & Redemption tab, along with the points earned.

When will I get rewarded?

Once your referred contact becomes a greytHR customer and pays the subscription fee for the first invoice, you will receive the reward points. You can view all this information on the greytRefer application. 

How do I redeem the reward points?

Login to the greytRefer application (, through the greytHR Home page and contact  our support team to get the voucher code for the points earned.

We are on the way with an automatic redemption option, where you can redeem the Reward points directly from the App.

What are the redemption options?

If you want to do this as a business we have an exciting partner program with even more benefits. Please contact our partnership team at for more details.

Is there a limit on rewards?

There is no upper limit to how many contacts you refer. If you refer a lot, our happiness would cross all limits.

How do I get in touch with Greytip in case of additional communication, queries etc.?

You can always submit your queries through the Contact Support  option. Alternatively, you can drop an email to

Suppose I discontinue using greytHR application but I want to continue with the referral program. Is there a possibility for me to do so?

Of course, you can continue to be a referral partner even after discontinuing the greytHR application. You can then use the greytRefer app, to refer your friends to greytRefer application (

As a referral user, what happens to my earned points and referrals if I leave my organization?

In this case, you can link your personal email instead of professional email, before leaving your organization. This will help you access the greytRefer application using your personal email address.

In case my contact signs up for greytHR's trail version but finalizes the subscription after few months of the invite. Am I still rewarded?

There is lock-in period of 3 months, during that period if your contact subscribes to greytHR, you will be rewarded. Post this 3 month period, the referral will expire and your referral/ introduction will not be associated with this contact. Any transaction happening post this time period will not be attributed to your referral.

Can I refer a friend who has already been referred by another person?

Yes, you can refer the same colleague irrespective of the status. Our reward systems works on first come first basis. If a referee signed-up first through your unique url, then you will be eligible for the reward. If he has signed up first through a referral provided by another person, then the other referrer will be rewarded.

Would I get rewards for the previously shared contacts/ referrals to greytHR, who are now greytHR customers?

Since this is a completely new program, any of  your previously shared contacts with us will not be considered as part of this program. Henceforth, start referring your contacts via greytRefer application for claiming your rewards.

Will I get payment/ reward for the customer renewal?

Unfortunately, renewals or future billings are not a part of the greytRefer program. You will get a one time reward during the first time billing and subscription payment only.

If the customer changes to the higher plan later, will I get a payment/ reward for it?

If the customer decides to change to higher/ lower plan, your payment will remain same as the first month's subscription fee which the customer has paid.

Do I need to login each time to greytHR to access the Referral application?

Not necessary, you can directly login to greytRefer application (

I do not have my contact email id, what are the other ways to communicate with my contact?

You can always copy the unique url under My Account section and share it with your contact via SMS/ Email/ Messenger.

I refer a contact, who signed-up with greytHR directly and not via the unique url. Will I be rewarded?

The reference works only if your contact signs up through your unique url. If the contact has signed up directly, you would not be eligible for the reward.

What information of mine will be shared to my contact, on referral?

Your name and email id would be shared with the contact. However, you can edit the  & Organization name* (Only if you are a greytHR user).

Will I receive any kind of message/ alert if my contact signs-up or purchases the greytHR subscription?

You will always be notified about your user’s activity. Also, you can track your referee’s activity from the greytRefer application ( Dashboard.

Can my organization greytHR super admin/ CEO has access to other admin earned points/ referrals?

The super admin/ CEO shall not have access to other admin greytRefer application ( accounts, earned points or referrals. The Refer button in greytHR Home page, when click each time, the admin users will get their own greytRefer application ( account.

If I refer a payroll processing company/ HR consultancy/ recruiting company and they on-board multiple customers into greytHR, will I get multiple payments?

Dear valued customer, whether its a single/ multiple customer(s) or a payroll processing company, your payment reward will remain the same as the first month subscription fee received by us.

How will I know if my referee has activated greytHR?

When your contact activates greytHR using the referral link, their activation details will be displayed on your Dashboard. If your contact doesn't activates greytHR via the referral link sent by you, the details will not appear on the dashboard and you will not be eligible for any reward.




greytRefer:  Is a referral application allows you to refer you professional contact(s) to greytHR and gratifies you in return.

Referee:  Your referral contact is called as referee.

Unique URL: Every email invite carries unique greytHR sign-up url that helps us to track the referee activity.

Points:  For every successful referral, you get points. These points are  roughly equivalent to cash in Indian Rupees .

Successful Referral: Once your referral becomes a greytHR customer and pays the first month’s subscription fee, you are entitled with reward.

Earnings / Rewards:  Reward is an incentives for your successful referrals.

Linking:  Linking is connecting your personal account to the official greytHR account. If you directly signed-up to greytRefer application and if you are customer of greytHR then you can link your referral account with greytHR to avail the greytHR currency.  

Unlinking:  Un-linking is disconnecting your greytHR official account. You can sign-in directly in greytRefer application (or) unlink your greytHR official account and switch to your personal account.

Redeem:  Exchange your earned points to equivalent cash / voucher of your choice.

eVoucher:  It's a online prepaid voucher which can be used at an authorized merchant website to purchase products of your choice.

greytHR currency:  Can be redeemed during your greytHR billing and adjust equivalent currency in your billing.

Lock-in:  The given referee lead will be locked in for 3 months under your affiliate account, which means, you can claim the ownership for the contact only for 3 months.

Release:  Once the the lead reaches lock-in threshold the the lead will be released.

Duplicate:  If the given lead is already shared by others, then the lead is considered as duplicate.  However you can still refer your friend irrespective of that, because our reward system works based on the first come first basis.

Activation:  When the referred contact signs up with greytHR using the referral link.



The Referred Invitee has to sign up/register (“Activate”) through the referral link provided by the Referrer. If the Referred Invitee does not sign up/register with greytHR through the referral link provided, Greytip will NOT be able to credit the referral.


You can also watch how the referral program works from the video below or by clicking here


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