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Where can admin see the attendance information?

You can see the attendance information of the employees, on the Attendance Information page. To navigate to this page, click Leave > Information > Attendance Info appears.

Which report must be referred for monthly attendance details?

greytHR provides you multiple reports to get details of monthly attendance. Navigate to Reports > Reports Gallery and search for Attendance Summary Report and Attendance Consolidated Report. These reports provide details of monthly attendance of employees.

Apart from reports, you can also view the monthly attendance data per employee along with their Sick Leave and other holiday information, under Attendance Muster. To navigate to the Attendance Muster page, click Leave > Information > Attendance Muster.

How can admin assign shifts?

As an admin, you can assign shifts in the following two way:

  • For a set of employees, from the Attendance Scheme page—to know about the functionality, refer Create an Attendance Scheme.
  • For individual employees, from the Shift Roster page—to navigate to this page, click Leave > Shift Roster and then double-click on the employee for whom you want to assign (or modify the assigned shift) referring on the legends appearing at the bottom of the page. The shift gets assigned to the employee.

How to add new shifts into the system?

To assign new shifts into the system, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to System Setting > Attendance > Shift.
  2. Click . The Add Shift page appears.
  3. Type the shift name in the Shift text box.
  4. Type the shift code in the Shift Code text box. The value can be of maximum four characters.
  5. Define the In time and Out time for Session 1 and Session 2. Also define the grace period that you want to set for the two sessions.
  6. In the Shift In Margin text box, define the margin for your shift hours.
  7. Define the minimum hours for half and full day.
  8. Click . A message is displayed informing that the shift is created.

How to update access card number in system?

Access card number can be updated by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Employee > Information > Access Card Details. The Access Card Details page appears.
  2. In the Search field, type the employee name for whom the details are to added.
  3. Click . The Access Card Details section appears.
  4. Type the number in the Access Card Number text box.
  5. In From Date and To Date fields, define the date range for which the access card would be valid.
  6. Click . The data is saved and appears on the Access Card Details page.

Can Admin modify the attendance information of an employee?

Yes, as an Admin you can modify the day type and the assigned shift of an employee. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance Info page by clicking Leave > Information > Attendance Info.
  2. Search for an employee and click on a particular day in the calendar or table view.
  3. Click the Shift tab.
  4. Modify the day type and shift as per the need.
  5. Click Save. The modifications are saved and appears on the Attendance Info page.

Apart from the Attendance Info page, you can also modify the shift of an employee from the Attendance Muster page.

Where can admin view the current day's attendance status of an employee?

Current day's attendance status of an employee is available under the Who Is In section. The listed data is for a day and a selected shift. To navigate, click Leave > Main > Who Is In?

Where and how to define weekly-offs?

You can define weekly-offs to employee in the following two ways:

Perform the following steps to define weekly offs for multiple employees:

  1. Click System Settings > Leave > Weekend Policy.
  2. Click .
  3. In the Policy Name text box, type the name for the policy.
  4. In the Description text box, type a description for the policy.
  5. Click Save. The policy gets added on the Weekend Policies page.
  6. Click the Edit Policy Info icon ().
  7. On the page that appears, use the drop-down lists to define the weekend policy.
  8. Click to save your changes.

Perform the following steps to define weekly offs for a particular employee:

  1. Go to Leave tab and then click the Advance link appearing at the bottom of the left menu.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Employee Weekdays.
  3. Click . The Add/Edit Employee Week Days page appears.
  4. In the Search field, type the employee name to whom you want to assign the weekly off.
  5. In From Date and To Date fields, define the date range for which you want the weekly off to be
  6. To mark a particular day as weekly off, select Off for that day from the drop-down list.
  7. Click . Your data is saved and appear on the Employee Week Days page.

How to regularize attendance in absence of the manager?

As an Admin, you can also can regularize the attendance, in absence of the manager. The following steps guide you to do so:

  1. Click Workflow > Monitor > Attendance Regularization. A list of active (pending) items are displayed.

  2. Click an active item to view its details. The item expands showing the details.

  3.  Click The Accept button. against the date for which attendance is requested.

    • You need to process the requests, date wise before processing the complete item. Note the Accepted message in green to indicate that request is processed for the corresponding date.
    • Enter remarks, if any, when you accept or reject.
  4. Click Accept for the request. A success message displays. To view the processed items, select Completed from the List drop-down list and then a paticular items from the displayed list, to view its details.

  • The Employee Self Serve of the employee will also reflect the completed status under Activities > Track > Attendance Regularization > Completed.
  • The manager can also delegate the flow to another person in the organization in the manager's absence.

Where can admin see attendance swipes in the system?

You can monitor the swipe data per employee. The data is drawn from the Employee Portal. To view the swipes, navigate to Leave > Information > Employee Swipes.

How to configure Attendance Events?

You can push notifications to various users of greytHR before, on, or after an event. You can select a combination of trigger periods and channels and then apply filters to notify the required employees. Refer Event Notification, to know more about the configuration.

How many events can be configured for the Attendance module?

The following events can be configured for the Attendance module:

  • General
  • Leave
  • Document Upload
  • Attendance

What is attendance override?

As an Admin you have the privilege to manually override the attendance of an employee.

  1. Click Leave > Admin > Manual Override.
  2. Select an employee and set the date range to view details for.

    Click the Show button to refresh display whenever you modify the date range. The default view is by employee. Click the Date Wise tab to view the attendance for the same range by session for all employees.

  3. Select a value from the Override drop-down list of a day to modify it.

    You can view the Override values as time or status (default view).

  4. In the Remarks text box, enter remarks if any.

  5. Click The Override button. to confirm your changes. A message appears prompting that the changes are successfully saved. Your changes reflect on the Attendance Muster page.

What is attendance exception? When to use it?

As an Admin, you sometimes need to allow an exception in attendance for an employee. This could have scenarios when an employee attends only one of the sessions in a shift (Partial Present) or their is maintenance activity (Plant Shutdown). greytHR facilitates you to do this. Perform the following steps to configure exception in the attendance.

  1. Click Leave > Administration > Attendance Exception.

    An exception is displayed if it exists.

  2. To add an exception, click The Add Exception button.. The Add Attendance Exception page appears
  3. Search of an employee.
  4. In From Date and To Date fields, define the date range.
  5. Select the status to be associated with the exception.
  6. Type a valid reason in the Reason text box.
  7. Click The Save button.. A message appears prompting that the exception is successfully saved and it then appears on the Add Attendance Exception page.

How to enable/disable attendance swipe information to employees?

Admin can display/restrict the attendance swipe information to employees. These options are enabled by default for all admin users. Follow the below steps to enable/disable this functionality:

  1. Navigate to User Administration > User.
  2. Click User Roles. Select employee and click Edit   icon.

  3. In the Category drop down, select Attendance.
  4. Navigate to Show swipe tab and recent swipes in attendance info and uncheck the boxes under Read Access and Write Access. Unchecking these boxes will restrict the attendance swipe information to your employees. Checking these boxes will allow the display of Swipes tab in Attendance Info page and Recent Swipes block in Attendance page.

    Navigate to Show summary tab in attendance info. Follow the above instructions to display/restrict Summary tab information in Attendance Info page.

    Ensure you have checked/unchecked both Read and Write access box.

  5. Click .  A message appears prompting that data saved successfully.

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