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  • Viewing Swipe Details of Your Team Members
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The Employee Swipes page displays the swipe details of your team members for the selected duration. You can also search for a team member's swipe details. The swipe details include details such as Shift, Swipe Date, Swipe Time, Access card number, Door/Address, In/Out, Status, Remarks, Mobile ID, Mobile Name, Received Date, Details, and Swipe Type. You can view the swipe details based on various Date Type such as Swipe Date, Attendance Date, and Received On.

To navigate to Employee Swipes page, click Attendance > Employee Swipes.

Viewing your Team Member's Swipe Details

To view your team member's swipe details for a specific duration, perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to Attendance > Employee Swipes. Employee Swipes page opens.

  2. On the Employee Swipe page, click the calendar icon to select a duration, for which you want to see the swipe details of your team member. Calendar menu opens.

  3. Select the from-date and to-date from the calendar menu.
  4. Click Apply to view the swipe details of your team members for the selected dates.

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