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Here, you can view the statement of loan that you have lent from your company. A loan statement shows the list of all transactions for a loan given by your company. The loan statement includes loan type, loan amount, monthly instalment amount, instalments paid, balance principal, and loan tenure. 

To navigate to Loan Statement page, click Salary > Loan Statement.

Viewing Active/Closed Loan Statements

You can view your active loan statements under the Active tab. You can view your closed loan statements under the Closed tab.

To view your active/closed loan statements, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Active/Closed tab as per your requirements. 
  2. Your active/closed loan statements will be displayed as shown below:

Viewing Details of Active/Closed Loan Statement

You can view the details of your loan statements. Perform the following steps to view details of a loan statement: 

  1. Under Active/Closed tab, select the particular loan statement by a single click.
  2. Click to view the details of the loan statement. 
  3. You will be redirected to Loan Details page and you can view the detailed information for the selected loan.

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