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IT Statement is a final report of your IT calculations based on your income for the financial year. The statement can be only accessed by employees if it is released by admin. The IT statement contains calculation of income tax for the complete financial year and the declarations provided up to current date/month.

To navigate to the IT Statement page, click Salary > IT Statement.

IT Statement provides you with a detailed view of your income tax calculations. You can view the following information at the top of this page:

  1. Tax Calculated as Per: The tax regime based on which tax is being calculated.
  2. Net Tax in Rs: Net amount of tax payable.
  3. Total Tax Due In: Total amount of tax payable to be deducted for the remaining months of the current financial year.
  4. Tax Deductible Per Month In: Amount of tax to be deducted on a monthly basis.
  5. Remaining Months (Month Name Onwards): Total number of months remaining to pay tax for the current financial year.

Downloading Your IT Statement

You can download your IT Statement from this page. To download your income tax statementperform the following actions:

  1. Select the required year from drop-down   list. 
  2. Click download  icon to download your Income tax statement. 

Viewing the complete breakdown of IT Declaration

IT Statement page provides you with a complete overview of information related to tax and your declarations for the current financial year. These details include Income, Deductions, Perquisites, Income Excluded From Tax, Exemption Under Section 10, Income From Previous Employer, Less Deduction under Section 16, Income From Other Sources, Deduction Under Chapter VI A, Taxable Income, Annual Tax, Tax Paid Till Date, Balance Payable and TDS Recovered in Current Month.

To view information related to a particular attribute, click + icon. To view information on all the tabs, click Expand all.