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Become familiar with various areas on the screen to get the most out of the application. Here is a glimpse of the greytHR ESS portal

  1. Company Logo: Your company's logo appears on this spot.
  2. Quick Links: Here you can find quick links for performing an action quickly. Clicking Quick Link will help you to navigate quickly using quick links if required.
  3. Message Center: Message Center displays the notifications such as bulletin board posts, payslip release. A small dot shows the unread notification count. Click the bell icon to view the message center.
  4. Sign Out: You can quickly sign out by simply clicking this icon.
  5. Profile Details: This section displays your name and photo. To edit your basic info, click View My Info. To edit your account settings, click the settings icon.
  6. Main Navigation Pane: The main navigation pane displays various menu items corresponding to a module (Leave, Payroll, etc.) or any requirement (Workflows, Reports).
  7. Features Navigation Pane: This area provides a menu group and sub-menu items displaying specific features of each module.