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Are you worried about your employee’s personal data (like salary information) being leaked or is manually downloading/ uploading of payment instruction file to different banks gobbling your time?

Here comes greytHR PayNow for your rescue!

Now you can—

  • directly transfer salaries from greytHR,

  • perform HR & Salary processing from a single window,

  • credit salaries to any bank account through RTGS, NEFT, IMPS & Intra banking (ICICI to ICICI) etc.

greytHR PayNow is for greytHR customers who use ICICI Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) for their salary dispersion. With this feature, you can directly disburse the employees salary from greytHR, without switching/ logging in to the ICICI CIB portal. Sounds great, isn't it?

Let’s explore more!


Any greytHR customer using ICICI Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) for their salary dispersion can register for the greytHR PayNow feature. It’s a simple one-time registration process.

To register/ link your ICICI account with greytHR, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Payout > Bank Transfer page and click Register Now from the banner. 

  2. Enter your appropriate registration details, and then click Register. A Registration Approval Pending pop up appears.

  3.  Read the instructions carefully from the Registration Approval Pending pop up. Follow the instructions and complete the registration approval in your ICICI internet banking portal. 

    The registration status will be Approval Pending in greytHR under Bank Transfer page. The status will not change until you approve the integration in the ICICI Bank CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) Portal.

  4. Now, login to your ICICI Bank CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) Portal.
  5. In the Home page, click Pending on Me at the right top of the screen. You will be directed to the Pending on me page.

  6. Click Connected Banking Approval tab. You will see the Aggregated Name as greytHR.
  7. Read the disclaimer and click Approve. A success message is displayed.

    Post approval, the status might take a while to change.

  8. Once you approve the registration in ICICI internet banking portal, you can view a message that displays Registration has been completed

Verify Registration

Now, you can verify the registration. Verify Registration is a one-time activity to validate the registration process. To verify the registration, follow the simple steps:

  1.  Once your registration step is successful, Verify Registration page will display. Enter your appropriate registration details, and then click Submit. A Test Transfer Pending pop up appears.

    • Select ICICI radio button to add any ICICI account as a test bank account for verifying the registration.
    • Select Others radio button to add any other bank accounts as a test bank account for verifying the registration. 
    • A user can do a test transfer of minimum rupees 1 and maximum of 1000 rupees. 
  2. Test Transfer Pending pop up indicates that your transaction is initiated and in processing stage now. 

  3. Once the transaction is completed successfully, you can view a message that displays You have successfully completed the test transfer. Click Home to go back to Bank Transfer page. Click Initiate Bank Transfer to initiate the salary process.

Processing Salary from greytHR

After the registration process is complete, you are all set to use this amazing feature to process the salaries.

Here's a walk through on how to create a bank transfer from greytHR. You can perform the below activities from the Bank Transfer page.

  • Create Bank Transfer
  • View Status

 Creating Bank Transfer

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Payout > Bank Transfer.

    The Create New Bank Transfer button displays only if there are employees pending for bank process. To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Bank Transfer.

  2. Click The Create New Bank Transfer button. to get started with the Bank Transfer wizard.
  3. In the Transfer Type section, select the Direct Debit radio button and from the drop down select ICICI Direct Debit.

  4. Click Next.

  5. In the Select Employees section, select employees from the Employee Filter drop-down list or click The Plus icon to select from a combination of filters.

    Click to view records with error. By default, greytHR displays all records.

  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Options section, type the Narration, if required and select the type of transfer from the Transfer via radio buttons.

    • If your employee's bank account is ICICI irrespective of the transaction type you have selected, system will override the transaction to TPA (i.e ICICI to ICICI).
    • If your employee salary is more than 2 lakhs them system automatically set the transaction type as RTGS rest of the employees set as NEFT/ IMPS**
    • If you choose the transaction type as IMPS, above 2 rules applied first, remaining employees transaction type set a IMPS**
  8. Click . The below page displays.
  9. Click Initiate Direct Debit to initiate the transaction. A Verify the Transaction pop up appears. You can also click Download File to download or click Close to return back to the Bank Transfer page.

  10. Enter the OTP and check the agreement box.

  11. Click Verify and Initiate to initiate the transaction. A success message appears.


Without Approval Workflow (Authorizer): If you have not enabled any workflow in your ICICI Bank then transaction is instant. In case of any error, you need to contact ICICI Bank directly.
With Approval Workflow (Authorizer): If you have enabled an approval workflow in your ICICI Bank CIB portal, the transaction has to go via your approver. In case of any error, you need to contact ICICI Bank directly.

 Viewing Bank Transfer Status

In the Bank Transfers page, you can either initiate the transaction, download , export to excel  or  delete  the transaction.

Also, you can click the file name to view its details. If you click on a file name in Bank Transfer page, the below page will appear displaying the selected bank transfer details.


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