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greytHR enables you to download, install, and use this desktop utility to sign a number of Form 16 files with ease.

  1. In the Sign page of the wizards, download the greytHR Digital Signer.

    Download the greytHR Digital Signer if you are signing the Part A and Part B files for the first time in greytHR. The latest version of the Form 16 digital signer is 1.0.2. To install, navigate to the folder where the installer has downloaded and double-click the executable to start the installation. Follow the on screen instructions to install the utility.

  2. To open the utility, double-click GreytHR Form16 Digital Signer.exe on your desktop.

  3. In the login box, enter your credentials.

    The domain name is your greytHR account URL.The user name and password are the same that you use to sign in to the application. If the connection does not establish then click  to enter your proxy settings.

  4. Insert the eToken as per the onscreen prompt.
    The Digitial Signer prompts for eToken.

  5. In the utility, select the signatory's name from the drop-down list.

    Click to The Refresh icon of the Digital Signer displays. refresh and select the signatory's name from the drop-down list.

  6. Click The Reload Batches button. to refresh the utility with the latest Part B upload.

  7. The utility automatically uploads and signs the files and downloads them back to greytHR.

    The process takes only a few seconds. Initially, the icon of each stage displays (such as for file upload/download and for sign. Next, the success of a stage is indicated by its icon displaying as The tickmark icon displays to indciate success of a stage.. If failure then the icon displays as .

  8. In the Sign page of the wizard in greytHR, click Next.

  9. The downloaded batches are automatically signed and uploaded back to greytHR.

    The progress in the utility displays in the greytHR wizard.

  10. You can download and view the Form 16 files, in the Publish to Portal or Email Form 16 sections.