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Holiday List Setup Revamped

An easier and better Holiday List setup, only for you. You can now add a single holiday for multiple locations, multiple holidays for multiple locations, and you also get an option to delete multiple holiday entries.

Shift Roster is Updated for the Next Year To Enable Employees to Avail Leave in the Next Year

greytHR now updates the shift roster for the next year depending on the setting key Number of days before which next year leave can be applied. If this value is 45 days, the shift roster is updated 45 days before the next year. So, employees can apply for leave 45 days before the next year. If this value is not updated, greytHR updates the shift roster for the next year 30 days in advance.

Option to View Zero Differences in the Payroll Differences Statement

You can now view and download payroll differences statement with zero differences, for selected months.

Attendance Date Filter Introduced for Employee Swipes

You can now filter employee swipe information based on the Attendance Date. For example, for employees working in night shift from 9 P.M. to 6 A.M., the swipe data will be present for two dates. But the attendance data will be present for only one date.

Continuous Present Alert Notification Introduced

Managers will now be notified when an employee is continuously present for a certain number of days, without any weekly offs or leaves or holidays.

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