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View Letters 

You must have created various letter templates as per the requirements of your company. This page helps you to view those letter templates created by you to address your company requirements. Here you can:

  • You can download and create letter templates under Letter Template tab.
  • You can preview the letters available in Template Gallery page.

Letter Template

  1. Go to Employee > Setup > Letter Template.
  2. Letter Template tab will be selected by default. You can edit, download or delete the newly added letters. 
  3. Click  icon to edit the letter templates. 

    You can see letter templates with tags and without tags. The edit functionality for both types of letter templates are different and explained below: 

    • Letter Template with Tags - These templates are termed as in-app customized templates. The old letter templates and templates added using the gallery fall under in-app customized templates. Click the Edit icon and you can edit the templates in the content editor. 
    • Letter Template without Tags - Click the Edit icon and you will be redirected to Letter Template > Step 1: General page. Click Next and you can see your selected letter template in Step 2: Upload Template page. Click  icon to download the selected letter template. Click  icon to delete the selected letter template and to re-upload a new letter template file. 
  4. Click  icon to download the letter template. The letter downloads to your default local directory as a PDF. 

  5. Click  icon to download the letter template. 

Template Gallery

  1. Click Template Gallery tab. You can see various types of ready-to-use letter templates. Click The Preview Template button to preview a letter template.
  2. The preview displays on the same page as follows:
    Preview the letter from within the Letter Gallery
  3. You can add the previewing template to your Letter Template. In the previewing template, go to the bottom and you can see The Add To My Templates button button. Click The Add To My Templates button button to add the previewing template to Letter Template. To close the preview window, click The Close button.  

  4. After clicking The Add To My Templates button, a confirmation pop-up appears. Click Confirm in Add Letter Template message box.
    The Add Letter Template message box
  5. greytHR displays a confirmation message if your addition of letter template was successful. 
  6. Go to the Letter Template to view the letter.
     Experience Letter displays in the Letter Template table


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