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greytHR is equipped to upload photos in bulk. This saves time in manual upload of each employee's photos and the errors that may creep in due to the repetitive nature of the task.

  1. Go to Employee > Admin > Bulk Photo Upload (advanced).
    The Bulk Photo Upload option in Employee.
  2. Click The Upload Zip File button..
  3. In the Upload page of the Bulk Photo Upload wizard, click the The Upload File button. button.
    The Upload page of the Bulk Photo Upload wizard.

    Note that there is no restriction on file size of individual photos.

  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Associate page, verify the photo with the employee name.
    The Associate step of the Bulk Photo Upload wizard.

    If the image file type is a mismatch with what you can upload then the number of such images and their file type are indicated in red text at top right of the image list.

  6. Click The Finish button..
  7. The number of images uploaded displays.
    The Finsih page of the Bulk Photo Upload wizard.
  8. Click The OK button..
  9. The Bulk Photo Upload page displays with the list of uploads done and their log files.
    The Bulk Photo Upload log file list displays.

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