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Send Event Mail from Mail ID

You can now add an email alias in greytHR and invoke the same mail ID when sending event notifications as email. To use the new feature, go to System Settings > Miscellaneous > Email Alias (advanced). Add the required email IDs and save as follows:

Duplicate values are not allowed.

You can now use these mail IDs in System Settings > Miscellaneous > Event Notification when you create a new mail event type or modify an existing one as follows:


You can use the created mail IDs in the From and To (2) fields of the Mail event type tab (1).

Displayed selected notifications in the Policy column

The Event Notification feature is now enhanced to display the type of events you chose to configure. These types will display in the Policy column at System Settings > Miscellaneous > Event Notification as follows:

Employee Directory Field List designer available

You can now customize the fields that display in Employee Directory and My Team in Employee Portal. To display the Employee Directory Config page, select it from System > User Administration > User Roles > Administration. Next, go to System Settings > Employee > Employee Directory Config.
The Employee DIrectory Config page displays.

Ensure that Team Info is selected as well in User Administration under EmpInfo Items.

Select the required settings from the Employee Directory tab and save your changes. Do likewise for the My Team tab.


The selected field will display in Employee Portal only if their is a corresponding value in Employee > Employee Information > Employee Profile. As you select or clear selection (1) and (2), the fields preview on the right (A) and (B). You can also drag a field within the preview window and drop it in another location within the same category so as to rearrange.

The selected fields display in the Employee Portal > Directory > Employee tab as follows:

Setup private groups for social feeds


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