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greytHR offers short and simple steps to stop salary payment for selected employees. You may stop salary processing before or after payroll processing for employees who are away without leave as per leave policy or absconding. Stop Salary Processing impacts salary processing of concerned employee.

  1. Click Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Stop Salary Processing or to directly perform this action, go to Actions > Payroll > Stop Salary Processing.

    Figure 1: Viewing the Stop Salary Processing page

    Record displays for a given month if there is Stop Salary Processing for one or more employees. Stop Salary Processing is effected only for a selected month. Once you add an employee to the stop payment list, the person will be carried forward to all future months unless you explicitly remove the employee from the list for the given month. When you remove an employee from the list, the previous month status will not get affected and the employee will continue to be in the stop payment list for previous months.

  2. Click The Add Stop Salary Processing button..
  3. In the Stop Salary Processing page, select an employee and type the Reason for stopping salary process.

  4. Then, click The Stop button.. A success message appears and you're redirected to the Stop Salary Processing page. The saved details appear on this page in a table as shown below:

To edit or add remarks after the details are saved,

  1. Double tap the tab which you want to edit or add remarks to.
  2. Type the remarks and click The Stop button. at the bottom of the page.

To mass delete the employees,

  1. Select the employees whose details you want to delete.
  2. Click at the bottom of the page.
  • In the Salary page, when you try to process salary for the stopped salary process employee and month, the following message appears:
    1. For stop salary processing effected before payroll processing:
    2. For stop salary processing effected after payroll processing:
      Unable to process salary for selected employee after Payroll processing.
  • The Payslip will not be available in Employee Portal as follows:
    1. Payroll was processed after Stop Salary Processing - will not generate.
    2. Payroll was processed before Stop Salary Processing - will be withdrawn.

Watch the video on how to Stop Salary Processing for employees below:

Stop Salary Processing.mp4

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