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Starter Plan

Welter Plan

Core HR

Employee Information Management
Yes (Upto 25 active employees)Yes

An extensive employee database as a system of recordYesYes

20+ employee data categoriesNo (Upto 3 categories - Default Categories will be shipped - Location, Department, Designation)Yes

Reporting Hierarchy with Org ChartYesYes

Employee DirectoryYesYes

Employee Assets TrackingNoYes

HR & CEO DashboardsYesYes
Know your Employee (KYE)

Store various employee identity informationAll existing types of identity information will get updated while adding an employee / basic informationYes

Track verified status (Aadhar verified, PAN verified, etc.)NoYes

Easy online facility to collect identity dataNo (Data Drive feature is restricted)Yes

Employee letter preparation in a few clicksYes (Upto 3 Letter Templates - Default configured Letters (only prebuild formats can be used)
Appointment, Relieving & Confirmation Letters)

Automatic Serial NumberingYesYes

Emailing and automatic letter filing in Employee recordsYesYes

Custom fields for maximum flexibilityNoYes

Letter gallery with prebuilt formatsNoYes
Employee Documents Management

Store digital or scanned copies of employee's documentsNoYes

Online access to all issued letters and documentsYesYes

Bulk document uploadNoYes

Antivirus scanning for all uploaded documentsYesYes

Automatic filing of generated letters to the Document storeYesYes
Company Policies & Forms

Publish all company Policies & Employee HandbookYesYes

Group-wise targeting of published documentsNoYes

Publish all commonly required forms & templatesNoYes
Employee Communication

Mass Communication to groups of employees by mail/ SMSYes (Restricted to 50 SMS per month)Yes 

Social HR - employee messaging systemYesYes

Group-wise targeting of communicationNoYes
Reminders & Alerts

Automated Greeting cardsYesYes

Highly customizable reminders and alerts systemNoYes

100+ pre-built system and employee lifecycle eventsYes (Upto 5 lifecycle events)Yes 

Fully configurable notification templates (mail, SMS, etc.)NoYes 

Notifications by email & social feedsYesYes

SMS & mobile push notificationsNoYes
HR Reports

Extensive Labour law reportsNoYes

Readymade HR MIS reportsYesYes

User-defined & adhoc reportsNoYes


Configurable Salary Structure

Highly customizable salary structure for any industryNoYes

Unlimited salary componentsNoYes 

Off the shelf building blocks for complex payroll scenariosNoYes
Payroll Inputs

Salary AnalyticsNoYes


One time payment and deductionsYesYes

Full-fledged Arrears processingNoYes

Final SettlementsYesYes

LOP & LOP reversalsYesYes

Stop payment with release featureNoYes

Automatic leave & attendance inputs from other greytHR modulesNoYes

Extensive reimbursement configurationsNoYes

Monthly/ Annual entitlementsNoYes

Claim processing with limit checkingNoYes

Excess claims tracking and set-off featureNoYes
Loans & Salary Advances

Manage many company loans to employeesNoYes

Fixed-rate interest, EMI, No interest, Reducing balance optionsNoYes

Auto calculation and deductions in payrollNoYes

Pause loan deductions for a specified periodNoYes

Automatic closure on completion of repaymentNoYes

Ability to report on Principal and Interest portionsNoYes

Loan prepayment and balloon payment featuresNoYes

Automatic calculation of loan PerquisiteNoYes
Statutory Compliances

PF calculations with ECR generationPF calculations are configured but No ECRYes

ESI computationsYes (No Challan or Reports)Yes

Profession Tax with all state-specific rules built-inYes (No Challan)Yes

Comprehensive TDS (IT) calculationsNoYes

Digitally signed Form 16 generationNoYes

Easy Form 24Q generation & automatic FVU validationNoYes

Bonus calculations and reportingNoYes

Labour Welfare fund calculation and deductionsYes (No Challan or Reports)Yes
Payroll Processing

Single click payroll processYesYes

Guided payroll processing with checklistYesYes

Lock feature to close payroll processingYesYes
Verification and Reconciliations

Extensive reconciliations toolsNoYes

Payroll comparison and difference analysisNoYes

Highly customizable salary register and payroll statementsNoYes

Easy export to Excel facilityYesYes
Accounts JV

Inbuilt formats for Tally and QBONoYes

Highly configurable Accounts JV with split by Cost Center/ employees2 Prebuilt formats (CTC & Salary Register) provided by defaultYes

Extensive Excel output capabilitiesNoYes
Payout and Disbursements

Handle multiple payment modes - Cash, Cheque, Bank TransferNoYes

All major bank transfer electronic formats built-inNoYes

Facility to release payments in batchesNoYes

Facility to track status for Cash and Cheque paymentsNoYes
Payslip Generation & Distribution

Payslip gallery with multiple payslip formatsBasic Format onlyYes

One-click payslip distributionYesYes

Distribute by mail, employee portal or mobileYes (Email of payslips is restricted)Yes

Separate Reimbursement payslipsNoYes

Download payslips into a single or multiple PDF filesNoYes
Payroll Reports

Reconciliation reportsNoYes

MIS reportsNoYes

Adhoc report builderNoYes

Customizable Payroll Statement/ Salary Register/ Wage RegisterNoYes

Reports under Shops & Establishment Acts of various statesNoYes

Reports under CLRA Act of various StatesNoYes

Profession Tax reportsYesYes

Digitally signed Form 16 and Form 24Q files with FVU validationNoYes

Leave Management

Fully Customizable Leave Policies
No (Default Leave year Jan-Dec)Yes

Multiple leave policies for different group of employeesNoYes

Unlimited leave types (Annual, privilege, maternity, etc.)No (Upto to 4 Leave Types
Only EL, PTL, ML, SL without autogrant)

Customizable leave policy for each leave typeNoYes

Supports multiple types of leave transactionsYesYes

Holiday ListsYesYes

Restricted (optional) holidays supportNoYes
Manage balance and transactions

Automatic tracking of leave balancesYesYes

Easy year-end processing (lapsing, carry-forward, etc.)Yes (Manual Only)Yes 

Online leave application and reviewYesYes


Swipe Capture from varied sources

Integration with attendance recording devicesNoNo

Online attendance markingYesNo

Mobile attendance markingYesNo


Face Recognition KioskNoNo
Extensive Shift Management

Support for multiple shiftsNo (Only 1 Shift - Default Shift of 9 to 6)No

Shift management with automatic rotationNoNo

Easy shift rostering by line managers for their teamsNoNo

Sophisticated business rules for attendance exceptionsNoNo
Highly Configurable policies

Multiple attendance policies for different groupsNoNo

Flexi hours supportYes (FIT/LOT Concept)No

Customizable weekendsNoNo

Penalize unauthorized absence, late in, early out, shortfall, etc.

Limited to 3 basic penalty rules:

  • Unauthorized Absence
  • Half Day Min hours
  • Full Day Min hours with default 4hrs and 8hrs
Attendance Processing

Automatic daily attendance processingYesNo

Continuous absence alertsNoNo

Attendance regularization workflowYesNo

Month-end HR review & finalization facilityYesNo

Manual override facilityYesNo

Attendance muster generationYesNo

Overtime Management


Flexible Overtime payouts and eligibility policiesNoNo

Assign policies to employees by categories (department, location etc.)NoNo

Apply Overtime in bulk or for individual employeeNoNo

Comprehensive Overtime register with hours and earningsNoNo

Detailed Overtime payslips with hours and earnings breakupNoNo

Expense Claims Management

Highly Customizable Business Rules

Configure multiple Claim headsNoNo

Extensive support for business rules on limits & reviewersNoNo

Multiple Claims form supportNoNo
Expense Claims processing

Tour advances request and reviewNoNo

Online Workflow for claims by employeeNoNo

Multiple approval matrix based on Claim types and amountsNoNo

Batch payment optionsNoNo

Multiple modes of paymentsNoNo

Multi-Company Support

Geo Mark +

GPS based attendance marking for distributed workforceNoNo

Workflows for Manager ReviewsNoNo

Attendance scheme level customizationsNoNo

Geo Swipe reports for due diligenceNoNo

Employee Portal

Employee Portal - Core HR

Social HRYesYes

Employee DirectoryYesYes

Access to own documents & lettersYesYes

Access to company policies, handbook, forms, etc.YesYes

Access to own employee informationYesYes

Mobile app for employees and managersYesYes
Employee Portal - Leave

Leave application and reviewYesYes

Leave grant, Comp-off grant workflowsNoYes

Leave cancellation workflowYesYes

Online Leave balances & detailsYesYes

Team leave informationNoYes
Employee Portal - Payroll

Online payslipsYesYes

Reimbursement statementsNoYes

Reimbursement claimsNoNo

IT calculation statementNoYes

Payroll information like loan statement, YTD, PF, etcNoYes

IT Proof Of InvestmentsNoYes

Online reimbursement claims & reviewNoYes

IT Savings & DeclarationsNoYes
Employee Portal - Attendance

Attendance regularization workflowYesNo

Detailed attendance informationNoNo

Team attendance information for managersYesNo

Real-time attendance status (who's in, who's late)NoNo

General Features

Mobile App for Employees & Managers
Excel Import & Export

Extensive Excel import & export facilityYesYes

User management

Support for multiple usersNoYes 

Fine grained role-based access control (RBAC)NoYes

Password policy configurationNoYes

Social Authentication (Facebook, Google, Twitter)NoYes

Detailed audit logging & reporting of all activitiesNoYes

IP whitelisting for access control to applicationNoYes

Tasks and Checklists

Yes (Only Payroll, Add Employee & Exit checklists)Yes

Built-in checklistsYesYes

Real-time collaboration across departmentsYesYes

Alerts and RemindersYesYes

Pay Now


Direct salary transfers to employeesNoYes

Secured OTP based AuthenticationNoYes

Real-time transaction & account balance statusNoYes

Reports & Audit Trail for due diligenceNoYes

Employee Self Onboarding


Personalised & paperless onboarding of employeesYes (Restricted employee data fields- Only basic data can be collected.)No

Workflows for admin reviewYesNo

Alerts & reminders for employees and adminYesNo

Policy publish & AcknowledgementNoYes

Pre-Filled forms with Digital SignatureNoYes

Onboarding Support & Support plans


Onboarding SupportNoYes 

Ticket SupportNoYes

Product TrainingNo (Only Access to Product Videos, Webinars, Forum and Knowledge base)Yes 

Database Limits and Backup

Database Storage limits250MBUnlimited
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