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Sometimes, there might be situations where the HR team has quite an amount of work on a daily basis. For example, recruitment, offer letters, onboarding new employees, confirmations, transfers, resignations, etc. Thankfully, there is greytHR to help you manage all these activities without much effort. The business demands us to do a lot of actions and we help you carry out those actions effortlessly.

In order to carry out some work within greytHR, you could always navigate to the relevant page/module, and then perform the action. But for that, you need to know how to navigate to the relevant page/module. This might take you a while if you are not familiar with the application. However, we have now enhanced the homepage with the Search Actions search box, where you can quickly and effortlessly navigate to the required page/module. This enhancement of the feature is done to provide a better user experience. 

All and Starred Tabs

No matter in which page you are, you could find the Search Actions search box in the Admin Portal. Clicking on this search box will navigate you to the Actions Search page with two tabs named All and Starred. The All tab displays all the important admin activities that can be quickly accessible. The admin can star the actions that he/she thinks is a frequent and important action to be performed. The Starred tab displays all the starred activities.


If there is no starred activity for a particular header, you will see a message stating that “There is no starred actions”.

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