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You can now configure salary with ease from within greytHR. The Salary Setup wizard guides you in selecting your Income and Deduction Items through easy drag-and-drop. You can set up based on CTC or non-CTC. For CTC-based salary, you have a choice of doing as Annual or Monthly. 

  1. Click Payroll > Setup > Salary Setup.
    The Salary Setup page displays.

    You can change the Salary type configuration from System Settings > Payroll.

  2. In the Configuration page of the Salary Setup wizard, select the required CTC option button.
  3. In the Income Items page, drag an item from the column on the right and drop on the My Income Items column. For example, drag Special Allowance from the Monthly section and drop as follows:
    The Income Items page of the Salary Setup wizard.

    The new section automatically expands for you to customize the values if required. You can click to open and customize any other component in the My Income Items column.

  4. In the Deduction Items page, repeat Step3 as follows:
    The Deduction Items page in the Salary Setup wizard.

    Components that you delete will reflect under the Deleted Items section on the right.

  5. in the Review page, view the new components:
    The Review page of the Salary Setup wizard.

    The new components will reflect in the Salary page.

  6. Click .

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