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The Salary Revisions page gives a brief overview about the latest salary revisions of your employees. You can also approve or reject the salary revision from this page.

If you're a single user or the user who has both the entry and the approval rights, then the revision/ update gets auto approved.


  1. Navigate to Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Salary Revisions.

    Data displays for a given month if there is salary revision effective from that month and the Payroll is run.

  2. Click the Status drop-down list to select required status. By default, the status is PENDING.
  3. Check the checkbox adjacent to the employee's name whose salary revision you want to Approve or Reject.
  4. Click  or respectively. A Remarks pop-up appears.
  5. Type the remarks and click The Confirm button.. A success message displays.
  • Change the status to Approved or Rejected to view the records.
  • You can also change the approved records to rejected. Records processed through Payroll processing would automatically display as Approved.

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