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greytHR displays the salary history of an employee. This page enables you to update the salary of a newly joined employee or revise the salary of an existing employee. You can also compare salaries of peers. In case you have done a revision previously through this module then the Current Salary values will also appear along with the Revised Salary. In case there is a single user or you are the user who has both the entry and the approval rights then the revision/update is auto approved. The user interactions on this page are:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Information > Salary Revision History.

    Figure 1: Navigating to the Salary Revision History page
  2. Based on your task, select:

Revise Salary

  1. Click The Revise Salary button.. In the Salary Revision page, enter revised salary details for one or more components.
  2. Click  to process the revised financials.

    The Save button enables only after you process the revised salary. The saved changes reflect in the system only from the Effective From date.

Define Peers


  1. Click The Define Peers button..In the Add Peers pop-up window, select employees from the list.
  2. Click The Add button..The Salary Revision History page displays along with the new peer salary details as follows:

To remove a peer from the table, click .


    1. Export Excel
      1. Click The Export Excel button. to to download a spreadsheet to your default downloads folder.
      2. Open the spreadsheet to view details of selected employee and peers.

Click here to view the video on how to revise salary for employees or watch it here, now: