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The Resignation page displays the applications available for review if an admin is set as a reviewer on the Workflow Levels page. You can review the status of the resignation applications of all the employees from the Resignation page. You can view the application details such as timeline, applied by, applying to, submission date, the status of the application, the reason for resigning, required last working day(LWD), tentative LWD, shortfall days, approved LWD, alternate mobile no., remarks, and alternate email id. You can accept or revoke an application and can also export the list of the employee's resignations with their application status.

To navigate to the Resignation page, click Workflow > Review Resignation.

To review and approve an employee's resignation application, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Resignation page, using the Employee, List, and Applied Date Range filter, search for the employee whose resignation application you want to review. The employees list displays based on the filters you have used.
  2. Click the required employee card. The Resignation Review page opens. The page displays all the relevant details of the selected employee's application.
  3. From the Approved LWD dropdown calendar, select the last working day of the employee. 
  4. Click Approve to approve the employee's resignation application. Accept Resignation Application pop-up appears.
  5. Click Confirm to approve the resignation application of the selected employee.

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