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During Full & Final Settlement, there are chances of errors being committed. These errors may be brought to your notice by the concerned ex-employee or you may discover them yourself. In such cases, the Full & Final Settlement amount has to be recalculated. This page displays the list of employees for whom Full & Final Settlement is done and you can select those needing resettlement. You can view the details, which are non-editable. The actual recalculation is done from the Salary page.

  1. Click Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Resettlement.
  2. Click The Resettle Employee button..
  3. Enter details as follows in the Resettlement page:

    Note that the resettlement can be any month such as September for settlements done in August. You can view Final Settlement Payslip from this page. The actual resettlement is done from the Salary page. 

  4. Click the Save button..
  5. A success message displays.
    Employee resettlement success message displays.
  6. The main Resettlement page displays with the new resettlement details.

Learn more about the process by watching the video here.

You can upload resettlement details of multiple employees at once using Excel Importer. Navigate to Employee > Admin > Excel Import and in the Importer Type field, type and search for resettlement. Select the Resettlement Importer from the drop down and click Import from Excel.

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