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greytHR currently offers more than 90 reports that you can export in PDF, .XLS, or .DOC formats.

  1. Click Reports > Reports Gallery to view the list of reports.
    Figure 1: Viewing the Reports Gallery page
  2. Click Payroll JV in Payroll Payout to view sample process of a report.
  3. Enter values in the Payroll JV page.
    The Payroll JV page.
  4. Click to configure mode of generating file, sort order of data, or any other parameter based on type of report.
  5. Click to view or enter values for download.
    Options for Payroll JV.
  6. Click  and return to the Payroll JV page.
  7. Click .
  8. You can view or download the Payroll JV report as PDF based on your selection in Options.
    The PDF version of the Payroll JV report.

Watch the video on how to generate a report below:

Generate standard and custom reports .mp4

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