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greytHR Release 5.1.2 (18 Sep 2015)

Core HR

  • Previous employment details: You can now track relevant experience along with the total previous experience now.
  • Add Employee page: Enhanced to allow entry of additional data (father's name, spouse name, emergency contact name, contact number, etc.)
  • Employee Profile: A new field for Telephone Extension Number is now added. Makes employee directory all the more useful!
  • Mass Employee Email : History containing the details regarding mass employee mail has to be added.
  • Employee Address: You can now also capture emergency contact address apart from other addresses.


  • Salary Revision page: We have completely overhauled the Salary Revision page and have added many new capabilities.
    • You can now view all salary revisions of an employee from this page
    • Facility to edit the most recent salary revision
    • Facility to have multiple revisions in a given month
    • Arrears entry is automatically populated if salary revision effective date is back dated
  • We have enhanced the Income Tax Statement report. You can now generate the report as on a given month instead of it always being as of today.
  • Access Rights: You can now control who has permission to lock payroll for a month. For example, you may want to allow only the payroll admin to have this right.
  • Section 80D: We have now enhanced the UI to capture section 80D declarations much more accurately. You can provide the specific 80D deduction (medical bills for very senior citizen, preventive health checkup, etc.) and also provide the age range where relevant.
    • Admin can update this information from Salary Info page
    • Employees can provide this information from IT declaration page from Employee Portal
    • Excel import facility is also available


  • Employee Portal: The Team Directory is now enabled by default. Managers can now view their team information on the portal. 
  • Feeds: Private groups just got better. You can now create private groups consisting of specific employees. We have made configuration easy by providing easy filtering and list building options.
  • Letters: When a letter is generated, a notification is shown when employee logs in to the Employee Portal.
  • Settings - Email Aliases: Centralize the email ids you use in notifications and other emails sent from greytHR. In case you want to change it, you now have to do it in just one location instead of having to hunt for it in a dozen places.
  • Event Notifications settings: Leave workflow events are also now available in this page.
  • Pending workflow items can now be exported to excel (Monitor Workflow page)


  • Settings: you can now hide display of late in/early out hours fields from attendance info if it is not relevant to your company


  • We have now merged Labour and Contract Labour reports under a single Labour Reports group.

Employee Portal

  • Annual CTC data can now be shown to managers in the My Team Directory page.
  • Settings: You can now choose the fields that you wish to publish in the Employee Directory & Team Directory